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Pinball Madness 4

Sold Out (Win 95/98) (Retail) (PINMAD4PR)
(Windows XP is not supported)

Publisher: Encore

Game / Pinball

30 of the All-Time Best Pinball Tables Ever in One Box!

Get ready for head-spinning, heart-thumping pinball madness! 5-CD SET , Pinball Madness 4 is the world's largest collection with hours of insane pinball action! Try your hand at the legendary Creature from the Black Lagoon, a Forgotten Island adventure, or the Big Top table. Features stunning artwork, realistic sound effects, insane traps and ramps, multi-ball excitement and much more.

Williams Pinball Classics

Bring home an instant arcade for your PC! Experience the excitement of owning authentic Williams tables: Tales of the Arabian Nights™, Black Rose™, Lost World™ and Creature from the Black Lagoon™.

  • 4 tables painstakingly recreated for maximum authenticity
  • In-game scorekeepers decide who's worthy of the winner's list
  • Fast and frenzied multi-ball motions for spine-tingling excitement!

Pro Pinball Fantastic Journey

Travel back to Victorian times in the latest and greatest Pro Pinball adventure ever. With five steam-powered adventures, use your flippers to tunnel to the center of the earth, journey to the depths of the sea, fly over the tallest mountains and speed to a mysterious island to stop the evil General Yagov.

  • Customize your table by altering its age, flipper power and more!
  • Three different viewing angles Full 3D tables with real ball physics and gravity

Adventure Pinball Forgotten Island

Journey through a series of linked pinball tables, each one more difficult to master than the last. It will take lightning-fast reflexes, a steady aim and an abundant supply of good luck to survive the exciting adventure that awaits you on Forgotten Island!

  • 9 levels of excitement
  • Menacing beasts and exploding volcanoes
  • Hidden bonus levels and special power-ups

Platinum Pinball

These 23 premium tables never give up! Enjoy hours of fast-paced pinball action and unrivaled table design. Hyper-realistic ball dynamics and 8 multi-ball action keep you glued to the game!

  • 23 uniquely themed tables
  • 47 challenging game modes
  • Fast & furious 4-player action

3D Pinball Express

4 totally unique games including The Big Top, The Happy Kitchen, Incoming! and Terrormeister. Each head-spinning table features ramps & tunnels, ball traps, jackpots & bonuses, rollovers, drop targets and more!

  • Featuring 3D authentic pinball action
  • Awesome sound effects and music - unique for every game!
  • Full tilting on every table


Windows 95/98: Pentium 300Mhz, 32MB RAM,180MB free hard disk space, 4X CD-ROM drive, 16MB 3D video card with DirectX compatible driver and sound card.

Windows XP is not supported

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