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Games / Pinball

Suitable for All Ages

Turn Your Computer Into a Ball Bumpin', Fast Action Pinball Arcade

We've assembled 4 of the best and most realistic pinball games ever created! These balls and bumpers have got arcade smarts that are based on actual kinetic movement for mind blowing realism. Immerse yourself in hours and hours of totally intense action as you try to master the 10 different tables.

Experience the true pinball action - screaming ball speeds, flashing lights, jet bumpers, multiple ramps, hidden areas, super spinners, sweet spots, traps, hidden tricks, rollovers, kickbacks, video modes and more...

These extremely fast playing tables, amazing sound effects and multi-play balls give you hours of pinball excitement!!

Incredible Features:

  • Hyper realistic ball movement
  • Rich video effects
  • Eye-popping 3D environments
  • Up to four players
  • Table Nudging' for real control

Hyper 3D Pinball

This is 3-D Pinball, baby. It's a whole new world and a whole new way of looking at it. Make like a giant from a cozy top-down view or get microscopic in a 3-D earthquaking trip that sucks you in one end and shoots you out the other. Right down into a rocketing, head-rattlin' shotgun ride of pure screaming speed. This sensory freak-out's jumping with creepy graveyards, dark fantasylands and rat-tat-tat gangsters in not four, not five, but six completely different table-shaking, electro-bumping, ramp raging worlds.


  • I6 finger-blistering tables
  • Three-angle bumping for the utmost realism
  • Top-down or three-quarter views
  • Rockin' sen-surround soundtrack

Full Tilt! Pinball

One of the most highly acclaimed pinball games of all time...Full Tilt! contains 3 truly realistic and incredible tables. There's Space Cadet with rich animation and multi-ball play, Skullduggery gives you four flippers to help you sink the pirate ship and recover the treasure, and finally Dragon's Keep where you face a fierce mystical beast, ride the elevated wire ramps, and make the dragon eat the ball for a special bonus and more...


  • Three great pinball tables in this one game
  • Kinetic ball and perspective where the ball even scales to give true depth perception
  • Multiple direction table `nudge' so you can practically feel the table
  • Music, voices, and sound effects

Crystal Caliburn

Accolade your knights and go for the Holy Grail! From the developers of the award winning Tristan and Eight Ball Deluxe comes Crystal Caliburn. Race through underground tunnels and fly over two 3D ramps while being surrounded by authentic speech and spectacular sound effects. Full nudge and tilt, plus flashing bumpers create a totally real arcade pinball experience.


  • Full table view - no scrolling
  • Expert flipper control
  • Three multi-ball play
  • Authentic speech and spectacular sounds.

Loony Labyrinth

The feel of real pinball is captured in the award winning Loony Labyrinth. Shoot your way through the Minotaur's maze in this super-real pinball action game within a Greek mythology theme. Experience spectacular sound effects and two kinds of background music including play action voices.


  • Championship playfield design
  • Expert 3 flipper control
  • Full nudge and tilt features
  • Vacuum formed ramps and loop


Windows: Windows 3.1 or later, 486 DX 33 MHz, 8 MB RAM, 2x CD-ROM, SVGA video card with 1 MB RAM, 19 MB free hard disk space, mouse, Sound Blaster compatible sound card.

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