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ZOOM The Pink Panther
Passport to Peril
Sold Out (Windows 3.1/95/98/XP) (Jewel Case) (PINKPANPJ)

Publisher: Simon & Schuster
SelectSoft Publishing

Kids 6-12

An Animated Learning Adventure

Travel the world on an adventure of intrigue and learning with one of TV's most beloved cartoon characters. Visit England, Australia, China, India, Egypt, and Bhutan.

The Mission: A group of summer campers are in trouble - can you help each and every one of these international VIP's get home safely?

Kids Ages 6-12 Will Enjoy:

  • Interacting with Pink and many other zany animated characters
  • 30 to 50 hours of fun filled game play
  • 10 original songs
  • Exploring animated locales in 6 far away countries

PSA Cultural Database: To help complete the mission, kids use their PDA - personal digital assistant - with a cultural database of more than 250 fact-filled pages of photos and information. Topics include people, languages, clothing, foods, art, entertainment, nature and history.

Features and Activities:

Inspector Clouseau has a top secret assignment for Pink

Pink travels the globe to rescue a group of summer campers - the sons and daughters of important parents from many different countries

Use your cool PDA to discover fun facts about the lands you visit

Pink hooks up with his old friend, inventor Prof. Von Schmarty, whos latest invention changes the seasons - one of his many fun devices.


Win3.1/95/98: 486/66 MHz or faster, 16mb RAM, 2x CD-ROM drive, SVGA graphics, SoundBlaster compatible sound device


Mr. Bill's Adventureland

"This is what they call an 'educational adventure game' for kids (the box says Kids to Adults), and in our opinion it's a fine example of how all such games should be made. A sticker on the box says "Warning: Playing with this product for a prolonged period may result in intellectual enlightenment. This ought not to hurt". And indeed, because of the way it is presented it not only doesn't hurt, it's downright fun. We ourselves learned more tidbits about different cultures and their history in a shorter period of time than we have ever experienced with any other format."

"From the USA you travel to various locations: Australia, Bhutan (in the Himalayas), China, England, Egypt, and India. The game pokes gentle fun at all of our different cultural peculiarities, while at the same time it brings facts about the various cultures to our attention, and points out a few of the social issues that children raised in some countries will have to deal with. But it is all treated in such a way that it is not only very entertaining, but also the kind of knowledge that 'sticks' in your memory and promotes awareness and acceptance of our differences. And as your appetite is whetted to learn more, you have additional options to access more information. For one thing you can simply right click on many active objects and receive a short explanation about them."

"A 2D, 3rd person, point and click adventure, with an easy interface and the same top notch graphics as those seen on the TV Series. Play it with your kids. You'll enjoy it!"

Quandaryland by Rosemary Young

"As this game opens Agent Pink learns of his dare-devil mission to play diplomat and ensure world peace. He’s headed for a destination where the danger is dangerous; where the work demands work; and where the nights are dark. His task is to play nursemaid and keep the kids happy at the Camp Chilly Wa Wa Conference … or else! Now, these are no ordinary kids, they are the sons and daughters of diplomats and Prime Ministers. They are themselves political activists and environmentalists and they are smart … something is bound to go wrong!"

"Pink’s first errand (to get hold of Nigel’s memento) presents some tricky problems: where is Nigel’s house, and what is his favourite toy? Then when the young Egyptian delegate runs away there’s the task of searching for her in Egypt, and in India Pink must find some flowers to put on a grave. Every country he visits introduces a range of problems which are in turn linked to a bite-size chunk of information such as the story of the Taj Mahal or of Guy Fawke’s escapades on the 5th November. Some of the lessons are dressed up and put to music even if they are a little romanticised. More serious are the social and political messages touched upon including the treatment of women in India, Aborigines in Australia and the isolationist policies of Bhutan."

"Agent Pink is poised to provide a lot of laughs in this game mixed in with a little learning. It is just a pity that the adventure game design doesn’t quite match up to the excellence of the graphics and sound. Even though there’s room for improvement kids will get a kick out of this one."

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