Pier 9 - The Pier Exchange - Jewel Case - DOS/Win 3.1/Win95 - $8.95

The Pier Exchange


The Pier Exchange CD-ROM Publishing continues to produce some of the highest quality BBS-ready shareware CDs in the world. Pier 9 is the latest in the series and has a number of new improvements.

Introducing for the first time on The Pier Shareware, ThePier v3.0 High Performance CD-ROM Access Program. This is not just another retrieval program - it is 4 times faster than the previous version! The Search menu will allow you to search ThePier database for matching file names, keywords, or archive content file names. The viewers are one of the nicest features of ThePier. They allow you to associate programs with data files on the basis of the data file extension. ThePier has a built-in viewer that is used as the default viewer unless you specify something different. You have the ability to add additional comments associated with any file within the database and the ability to copy or extract files to any path, on the fly!

Features of The Pier Shareware 9

Features of The Pier v3.0 Access Software:

Pier 9 contains the following:

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