Pier Shareware #10

Pier Shareware #10 - Pier - Jewel Case - DOS/Win3.1/Win95 - $8.95

The Pier Exchange


The Pier Shareware CD-ROMs contain the most current shareware files available. Shareware is not free software. It is copyrighted, and is distributed on a "try before you buy" basis. The primary difference between Shareware and retail software is that with Shareware you know if it's good or bad, and whether it fills your specific needs, before paying for it. Your registration of Shareware products provides the incentive for software authors to upgrade and improve their products and to continue to produce new, high quality software for the Shareware market. When you purchase this CD, you are getting approximately 3,500 programs to try before you buy.


610+ Megabytes of compressed files.

The Pier High Performance CD-ROM Access Software. EGA/VGA interface with full mouse support, Pull-down menus, File Comment Entries, Multiple File Viewer Configuration, Keywords, File Name, and Archive File Searches, Copy/Extract Files on-the-fly.

100% free of know viruses. Scanned with the latest version of McAfee.

Full GAP, PCBoard, Spitfire, Wildcat, and Remote Access FILES. BBS support.


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