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ZOOM Phantasmagoria
Sold Out (Win95/98 Only) (Retail) (PHANTASMPR)



Ages: 17+

Pray It's Only A Nightmare

Synopsis: It seemed so much like a dream come true for Adrienne Delaney and her husband Donald Gordon. A beautiful estate, on its own private island. The perfect place to build a life together, but an ominous presence lurks within the halls, the rooms, and every passageway of this mysterious home. The previous owner, a 19th-century master ilusionsit, left behind a twisted trail of terror. Very quickly, the blissful life Adrienne and Don hoped for begins to unravel into a macabre nightmare.

With your help, Adrienne must uncover the clues and gather the objects she needs in a desperate attempt to save her husband from the evil that holds him in its ever-tightening grip.


The most frighteningly believable adventure game ever created.

Feature-film actors captured on the most film footage ever included in any game, filling 7CDs.

Unfolds in chapters fraught with horror and suspense.

The first computer game with the ability to exclude explicit scenes from younger players.

Move through the storyline at a breakneck pace with the built-in hint option.

A hauntingly beautiful, fully orchestrated soundtrack with a 135-voice choir.

Requirements: Windows 95/98 (Only), 486/24, 8MB RAM, 5MB on hard drive, SVGA (640x480, 256 colors), 2x CD-ROM, Windows compatible sound cards, DAC required. Supports: SoundBlaster & 100% compatibles, Pro Audio Spectrum, Roland MT-32, General Midi.

Requirements: Mac - 68040 33MHz+, System 7.1x+, 8MB free RAM, 2x CD ROM (4x recommended), 256 color, 30MB HD space, Power Mac 601+ requires 16MB RAM for Power Mac native mode. Supports: Mac Sound.


Charles Anderson, from the Internet, September 1995

"I just played one of the best games I have run across in my 11 years of computing <IMHO>. It is a Sierra Online game called Phantasmagoria. This game is a monster, it ships on 7 CD's. It has high quality graphics and sound and is set up to run under DOS, Windows 3.1 or as a Win '95 auto run program. While it was rather easy to solve the game (I did it in about 9 hours) it did a great job of suspending disbelief while I played. I highly recommend this game to all, but only if you have a pentium or high end 486. Note: this game has some sex (no more than you would see on an ABC Monday night movie) and a lot of gruesome death scenes."

Computer Shopper, February 1996

"Its plot isn't the most original - basically, the couple from The Shining moves into the house from The 7th Guest. But adventure queen Roberta Williams' Phantasmagoria is one of the most elegant and, in serveral places, genuinely jolting horror movies ever produced for the PC."

"A censor option lets parents scramble the bloodiest scenes, but the game is definitely not for kids. There are two love scenes, one of which turns into a rape, and Adrienne witnesses a number of grisly murders - and, unless you master Chapter 7, gets spectacularly murdered herself."

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