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North American Birds

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See, Hear, and Identify the Birds of North America with Roger Tory Peterson

Over 60 years ago, Roger Tory Peterson created the first field guide to the birds. Now you can join this amazing pioneer as he presents the nearly 1,000 North American bird species in full multimedia. Explore the authoritative text and detailed artwork of the renowned Peterson Field Guides, along with photographs, videos, bird songs, range maps and more. And the experience does not stop with the CD-ROM. The new one-button-to-the-Internet feature gives you access to Peterson Online with continually updated facts, activities, rare bird allerts, chat sessions and much more. Experience all the power and beauty of nature in a way that will capture your imagination again and agian.

Comprehensive coverage of the nearly 1,000 North American bird species

Over 700 stunning bird photographs

Over 700 bird songs and calls

Video tutorial Roger Tory Peterson teaches you how to identify birds

Visual Category Guide for easy navigation and identification

Bird Finder search tool helps you identify birds based on color, size, region, habitat and more

Skill Builder to test and improve your knowledge

Lifelist records your bird sightings

Direct access to Peterson Online, your link to the natural world

Requirements: 486 or higher IBM compatible PC, 8 MB RAM, Windows 3.1 or higher 9including Windows 95), SVGA display, double-speed CD-ROM drive, MPC-compatible sound card (22 KHz, 16-bit), 20 MB hard drive space, mouse. For Internet Access option, 14.4kbps modem and 6MB additional hard disk space required.


Computer Shopper, May 1996

"This CD-ROM takes its name from Roger Tory Peterson, whose field guides have been regarded as the birder's bibles for the past 60 years of so. It includes the full text and illustrations from both the Eastern and Western editions of Peterson's Field Guide to Birds. Each entry on the CD features a set of buttons that lets you access information about the bird's range, habitat, feeding and nesting behaviors, and whether it's endangered or extinct. You also can view a photograph of the bird and listen to its call; some entries offer audio commentary by Peterson."

"New birders will enjoy the series of video essays by Peterson on various aspects of birding and birds."

"Overall, Peterson Multimedia Guides: North American Birds is a carefully assembled program that will be a highly useful resource for that interesting genus of humans known as birders."

PC Gamer, May 1997

"I'm sitting at my computer, working on my column. Another motley crew of about 1,500 words is due soon. Suddenly, an unfamiliar bird perches on my window feeder. It look may be...the rare Pickle-Scented Smithwing! The only way to be sure is to launch my Peterson's Multimedia Guides: North American Birds, a nifty CD-ROM from Houghton Mifflin Interactive.

"Whirr, beep, buzz. Click here, click there. It looks like...I'd better check the window feeder again. By this time, the bird is gone. It could have been a once-in-a-lifetime sighting, or it could have been a crow with an attitude. I'll never know.

"Peterson's paper-based guides to birds are well-respected, beautiful references. On CD-ROM, the reference offers a lot of what the paper-based version offers, but it lacks the one thing that all digital references lack: it's not handy enough.

"With that caveat in mind, though, consider this package for people who really love birds. It's packed with photos, data, bird calls, a way to document observed birds, an identification game, and a quick connection to Peterson's web site. With its friendly approach and technical strength, the program is ideal for computer novices. They will be rewarded with rich content, both visual and aural.

"Its navigation tools are sufficient, but I wish they were a little more powerful. At times, clicking on the backtrack button takes you back to where the programmers think you want to go, rather than back to where you really were. For this reason, Petersons's on CD-ROM is more of a treat for bird fans than computer fans. But anyone with suet and sunflower seeds on his or her brain should appreciate this cyber-guide to our feathered friends. Just don't forget the paper back version for those surprise visitors that won't wait for the program to launch."

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