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ZOOM Panzer General
Sold Out (DOS Only!) (Retail Box) (PANZERGPR)

Included in Five Star Collection

Strategic Simulations



5 stars from Computer Gaming World

PC Gamer 1994 Award - Best Wargame

4 stars from Electronic Entertainment

Imagine That You Are The Panzer General

You are the brightest and best of the new Axis generals in the Second World War. Your tactical skills will be tested in armored assaults, amphibious invasions, paradrops, naval engagements, and fierce aerial combat for control of the skies. Go from triumph to triumph, invading and seizing the capitals of Great Britain, the Soviet Union and ultimately the United States of America on your way to conquering the whole world.

Can you achieve a place in history?

Requirements: 386/33 Mhz IBM DX PC, 4 megabytes of RAM, MS-DOS 5.0, 6.0, or 6.2 or DR-DOS 6.0, or DR-DOS 7.0, an uncompressed hard drive with 10 MB free, SVGA graphics with a color SVGA monitor, a 100% Microsoft (or Logitech) compatible mouse, Microsoft mouse driver version 8.0 or better.


Computer Gaming World, January 1995

"Now Panzer General shows up to crash the wargamming party, swaggering through the door with a bit of an attitude. Despite its familiar WWII European theatre setting, it is in many ways an atypical SSI wargame. Proudly it stands, with no detailed orders of battle, complicated supply rules, or arcane combat routines anywhere evident. While the various combat arms do interact, they do so without cumbersome mechanics or mutiple phases in the sequence of play. In fact, the game is so easy to play that you could almost figure it out without ever consulting the documentation. For wargamers who lack time, most of the scenarios can be finished in an evening's play versus the computer, and the game works very well via e-mail for two players."

"The opening screen draws you in with black-and-white videos of archival WWII footage, superimposed over a gorgeous SVGA backdrop of Europe. Martial music resounds with just the right mixture of style and bombast (you'll never again question how much you spent on your wavetable sound card), and the digitized explosions of combat echo strong and true. Sure it's corney, but it's darned effective in setting the tone."

"Unfortunately, there will be those who dismiss Panzer General as being suitable only for novice wargamers, due to its lack of complexity and only passing historicity. Well, it's their loss. Sure, the design falls heavily on the side of playability, but it does so with such style and balance that even the most cynical of gamers will find themselves swept away. If playing this game means I have to surrender my official grognard license and go to wargaming purgatory, I will gladly go - as long as I can take my copy of Panzer Genreal with me. Maybe then I'd have time to get through that Seelowe scenario..."

Electronic Entertainment, February 1995

"Good games keep you up late, but only the best games hold you prisoner until the sun rises. Panzer General kept me up until 4 a.m."

"Panzer is not a quick play: Each turn can take as long as a half-hour to complete. But the game's special touches, combined with accuracy and detail, make Panzer General a fun and addicting tactical/strategic war game. The CD-ROM version's clever use of full-motion video and speech makes a good game even better."

PC Entertainment, February 1996

"Panzer General is one of the great wargames of all time. Brilliantly executed, PG is both realistic and fairly easy to play, making it a fine addition to your game collection."

PC Gamer, March 1995

"As I predicted in this column six months ago, SSI's Panzer General has proven to be the wargame hit of the year. New PC owners and veteran players alike have discovered that this game devours great chunks of your time..."

"To judge from the comments we've been hearing and reading, one aspect of the game that has agreeably suprised nearly everyone is the tough, resilient, and unpredicable enemy AI.

"Even on the easiest setting, with the AI hobbled and the enemy's prestige and experience points artifically limited, none of the campaign games (except for the Poland tutorial) is a walk in the country. Seemingly beaten garrisons suddenly rally for a rugged defense, and a city that looked like a sitting duck swallows one of your core units like it was an M & M. "War is the province of Chance," wrote von Clauswitz, and Panzer General injects just enough wild-card randomness to underscore the truth of that."

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