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ZOOM Pacific Theatre
Sold Out (Win95/Win98) (Retail) (PACIFICTPR)

This program for use with Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator

Publisher: Abacus

Game / Addon

ESRB Rating: Everyone

Aircraft, Scenery & Missions

Microsoft's Combat Flight Simulator recreates exciting, authentic military scenarios from WWII's European front. But even as the skies over Europe erupted in violence, another war was beginning half a world away - the battle for the Pacific. Abacus' Pacific Theatre add-on is the first CFS accessory to combine all the elements that you want - new aircraft, new scenery, new missions - and the first to put you in the pilot's seat during the legendary attack on Pearl Harbor!

East meets West!

You'll fly twelve of the most famous U.S. and Japanese planes that fought over the Pacific. Renowned aircraft designers created historically authentic planes and advanced flight models that look and fly great. Each warplane features a custom instrument panel, damage profile and guns. You'll live the air-combat excitement in these authentically detailed aircraft:

WWII-period U.S. Aircraft WWII-period Imperial Japanese Aircraft
Curtiss SB2C-3 Helldiver Mitsubishi A6M2 "Zeke"
Grumman TBF-1 Aveneger Mitsubishi A6M5 "Zero"
Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat Nakajima Ki-84 Hyate "Frank"
P47D Thunderbolt Nakajima B5N2 "Kate"
Bell P-39Q Airacobra Mitsubishi J2M3 Raiden "Jack"
Curtiss P-40N War Hawk Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien "Tony"

Defend Pearl Harbor!

Pacific Theatre showcases detailed scenery of 1941 Pearl Harbor and the Hawaiian Islands. Your battles become more real because we've populated Pearl Harbor with aircraft carriers, battleships, buildings and more, just as it was December 7, 1941.

Our custom, 3-D scenery and objects for Combat Flight Simulator explode! If you have good aim (or are a poor defender), you'll see the results - smoke, fires and explosions!

Tora! Tora! Tora!

Pacific Theatre wouldn't be complete without new missions, based on actual 1941 events at Pearl Harbor. Will you cripple the U.S. Navy or repel the Japanese invaders? Jump into the pilot's seat with specific objectives on either side of the battle.

Original missions, accurate scenery, beautifully detailed aircraft and a jolting combat experience - count on Abacus for the most complete, realistic CFS enhancements.


Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator, IBM compatible PC, Windows 95 or 98, 16MB RAM, 35MB hard drive space, CD-ROM drive.

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