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ZOOM Tex Murphy Overseer
Sold Out (Win95/98ME/XP) (Retail) (OVERSEERPR)

Access Software


Suitable for Ages 13 and Up (T)


5/5 from the Adventure Collective


The Adventure Game of the 21st Century

Your client is drop dead gorgeous. Her father is just plain dead - of an apparent suicide. She's certain he was murdered and is willing to do anything to prove it. You are Tex Murphy, PI - willing to do anything to make rent. Your 3D virtual reality investigation leads you into the heart of a dark secret. An elite team of specialists has created something unspeakable, and each of them is marked for death. Now, only you stand between freedom and the reign of the Overseer.

Includes Both the CD-ROM and DVD Versions of the Game

  • First product designed specifically for DVD. Featuring Dolby AC-3 5-channel surround sound on DVD version
  • Award winning 3D Virtual World Engine puts you in the 21st Century
  • From the creators of 'Under a Killing Moon' and 'The Pandora Directive'
  • Dazzling graphics - travel through Anasazi ruins, hidden passages and urban landscapes - explore the deadly secrets of the Rock - Alcatraz Island
  • A fast paced chase through double crosses, fistfights, ambushes and gun battles, where wits and ingenuity are the only way to survive
  • Two levels of play, over 60 unique puzzles and a complete on-line hint system
  • An excellent cast, including Michael York, Rebecca Broussard, Henry Darrow, and martial arts expert Richard Norton. Edited and directed by Adrian Carr.

You solve more than 20 mini-mysteries on your way to the final confrontation

You search for clues in over 31 virtual reality locations

You interrogate up to 40 unique witnesses and suspects


CD-ROM: 133 MHz Pentium Processor or better, Windows 95 or above, 16 MB RAM, 35 MB Hard Drive Space, Video resolution of 640 x 480, 2MB Video RAM required, 16 bit sound card, 4x CD-ROM.

DVD: 133 MHz Pentium Processor or better with hardware MPEG-2 or 233 MHz Pentium Processor with Software MPEG-2 (AGP recommended), Windows 95 or above, 32 MB RAM, DVD Drive, 35 MB Hard Drive Space, Video resolution of 640 x 480, 2MB Video RAM required, 16 bit sound card, 4x CD-ROM.

Tested OK on Windows XP. Requires Windows 95 or 98/ME compatibility mode to run.


Tex Murphy - Tex Murphy is a 21st century handsome but cynical PI, who feels that he has been born 100 years too late. He tries, with somewhat mixed results, to emulate the style and philosophy of the classic film noir detective. With a broken heart after the divorce, perpetually broke, and cursed with inconsistent social skills, Tex doesn't fall into the super hero category, but still usually manages to succeed despite himself. His conscience is his most important asset, which shows that, although Tex is not Mr. Right or your regular boy scout, he is a guy that you can trust in a tight situation.

Chelsee Bando - She runs the newsstand across from Tex's new office. She's a mutant, but so far Tex hasn't been successful in finding her genetic flaw. At first Chelsee used to politely, and sometimes just blatantly, refuse to go out on a date with Tex. She is a sweet girl with a heart of gold, and she is as beautiful as she is smart. Lately, she has had a lot of thoughts about the "M" word and wants to finally settle down for good. This is what leads her to ask Tex about his past, in order to "extend their relationship" as she puts it.

J. Saint Gideon - Gideon is the founder of Gideon enterprises. He is a lonely, crippled billionaire, who lives in a mansion the size of San Francisco. When he isn't playing chess, he is sitting in his antique wheelchair in front of a cozy fire drinking high priced wines and smoking the best cigars on the face of the earth.

Sylvia Linsky - When Sylvia wants something, all she has to do is pull her dress half way up her leg and she gets it. She hires Tex to find out if her father has committed suicide or if he has been murdered. She is convinced that her father has been thrown off the bridge from which he has allegedly jumped off. The question remains: did he or didn't he jump off the bridge? Tex is the man who has to find out the truth.

Big Jim Slade - Jim is the tough macho bully in the game.

Sonny Fletcher - He is a retired PI and an ex-cop. For some apparent reason his lips are like magnets to a bottle of bourbon. He says that he hasn't had a single drink for 20 years, but you will have a hard time believing him when you see him.


Quandary Reviews by Rosemary Young (March 1998)

"It is a first-person perspective adventure incorporating full motion video cut-sequences and, as with Pandora, there's a twisted tale to unravel as Tex relates the circumstances of his meeting with Sylvia, his much-maligned ex-wife. As for the story, I'm not going to spoil a thing. Suffice it to say that Sylvia is the damsel in distress (though she's never quite as distressed as Tex) and it all begins when she hires him to investigate the mysterious death of her father. Thereafter, it will keep you busy and keep you guessing as the boundaries of good and evil get mildly smudged towards the end.

"Chris Jones once again plays the role of Tex and he'll surely accumulate a few more hearts after this one. His portrayal is perfection in my book and he is ably supported by a string of actors including Michael York, Rebecca Broussard and Suzanne Barnes as Chelsee."

"Other goodies to mention: Overseer has the facility for a number of games to be in progress as you can save to different directories ... and you can effortlessly save as many games as you like. Also, though it is mouse controlled for manipulating objects, there is the option to use mouse or keyboard for movement. And last, but not least, there's text available for all who appreciate this facility.

"I can only say that, despite its minor imperfections, Overseer is well worth playing both for experienced and novice adventurers. As with Pandora, it really is an excellent game with an interesting story, lots of engrossing gameplay, and well-written, witty, and intelligent dialogue. Oh no! I'm already hanging out for the next one, I'm sure I detected a little hint that there might be another :-)"

The Adventure Collective

"Gameplay: The gameplay in Overseer consists of three elements. First are the live action cinematic that serve to recount and advance the story. Second are the interactive interrogations, whereby the player can choose how Tex should react and what he should say and ask the people he meets. The last is the most important part of the gameplay--the VR rooms. These are 3D generated rooms and locations where the player can move in a first person perspective through the eyes of Tex. It is here where detective skills are most needed: breaking into computers, decoding messages, opening safes, searching for clues related to your case, or just snooping through other people's drawers and personal effects. In other words, the PI stuff. Isn't this everyone's idea of a perfect job?"

"The story itself is also very strong, complemented by excellent dialogues and interesting subplots and twists. This half thriller and half mystery will keep the player in suspense till the last moment! The ending of Overseer will quite literally shock you! It is definitely the best ending I've ever seen in a computer game."

"Verdict: In a nutshell, Overseer is simply the best interactive movie and game out there. It is a must buy for any respectful adventure gamer, whether or not one is familiar with the previous Tex Murphy games. An enticing combination of mystery, action, thriller, and cunning puzzles, along with excellent story, acting, and movies, will surely blow you away and knock your socks off!"

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