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ZOOM Test Drive: Off-Road
Sold Out (DOS/Win95/Win98) (Retail) (OFFROADPR)



A Wild Ride!

Circuit track racing in the world's hottest production 4x4 vehicles.


12 treacherous tracks test your off-road skills

Negotiate wicked terrain as you battle for the checkered flag

Engage in wild multi-player action via network, modem or split-screen racing

Visible damage incurred during racing

Extensive variety of racing modes including single race, multi-player tournaments and full-season racing

True-to-life driving physics accurately recreate the performance characteristics for each vehicle


This rugged and mighty off-road behomoth can conquer any terrain.

Jeep Wrangler

Well balanced off-raod ability and on-road handling keep the Jeep in every race.

Land Rover Defender 90

Quick and agile, this V8 powered import can negotiate the tightest spots due to its compact stature.

Chevrolet K1500 Z71

Extraordinarily powerful and surprisingly controllable - a true off-road monster.

Conquer the World's Most Wicked Terrain!

12 tracks test your off-road skills. Negotiate treacherous terrain as you battle for the checkered flag.

Three unique environments: Desert, Snow and Forest affect the way your car handles and maximize gameplay.

View the action from any of 9 camera views selectable on the fly.

Engage in wild multi-player action via network, modem, or split-screen racing.

Requirements: IBM and 100% compatibles, Pentium 90 and above, 16MB RAM and 2x CD-ROM drive. All major sound cards supported. Supports mouse, Thrustmaster T2 Driving Controller, Gravis Gamepad, all major joystics and keyboards.

Runs under Windows 95


PC Gamer, May 1997

"Test Drive Off-Road from Accolade. Look out, Monster Truck Madness! TDOR uses a 3D engine that accurately evokes the actual physics of the game's four feisty vehicles - the tough-as-nails Hummer, the redesigned 1997 Jeep Wrangler, Chevy's K-1500 Z-71 pickup, and Land Rover's $30,000 Defender 90 - and they all look great.

"Thunder across twelve tracks in Forest, Desert, and Snow scenarios in Single Race Practice, Six-Race Mixed and Six-Race Class Leagues, with the usual complement of sound, graphics, and difficulty settings. Gain access to four secret 4x4 vehicles by winning their respective Class Leagues. TDOR supports split screen head-to-head and four-player network mode, and it'll be playable via DWANGO and Kali, too. The soundtrack is by Gravity Kills."

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