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ZOOM Novastorm
Sold Out (DOS) (Jewel Case) (NOVASTORPJ)



Suitable for all audiences


85% from PC Gamer

You're the Last Defense

Year 2129: The Bator System. A sentient computer network known as the Data Grid has begun to wage war on the Federation. In a last ditch effort to save humanity, the experimental fighter Scavenger 4, has been launched. Its mission: to track down and destroy the Data Grid's heavily armored control center.

Grab the controls and pilot the super-sonic Scavenger 4 on its desperate mission. Blast your way through the Data Grid's defensive network and blaze a trail through four different hostile planets while the fate of the solar system rests in your hands.

You'll need light-speed reflexes and nerves of steel to keep up with the pulse-pounding, arcade action of Novastorm. Heralding the arrival of the second generation of dedicated CD-ROM games, Novastorm is a quantum leap beyond first wave titles like Microcosm and Rebel Assault.

Four different worlds and a total of 18 stages in which to do battle, each offering distinct, vivid graphics and plenty of high-speed action that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Brilliant Silicon Graphics rendered Z-buffered images give you an incredible perception of depth and allow complete interaction between your ship, its opponents and the surrounding terrain.

An ear-pounding, pulse racing digital soundtrack that draws all the elements together, bringing this fast-paced arcade shooter to life, putting you right in the action.

Requirements: 4 MB of total memory, 550 KB DOS memory free, CD-ROM drive, IBM 486, Hard disk, joystick or gamepad, Sound Blaster, DOS 5.0, VGA


PC Gamer, February 1995

"The star of the show is action - pure, unabashed, arcade-style shooting. Novastorm delivers action by the truckload, and it'll remind you of those arcade shoot-'em -ups of your youth."

"The memory lane stuff won't last long, though, because I'll bet you haven't seen many shooters that look as good as this. You'll soar through the void of space, over alien landscapes, and toward vast, futuristic space-stations. It all looks great, and the hope of seeing what landscape the next level might hold kept me playing for hours. The sounds and music are good, too - as you'd expect from a CD title."

"Novastorm's weakness aren't major, but they are annoying. The biggest of these to me was the inability to save your progress."

Computer Gaming World, January 1995

"Psygnosis really took us by surprise with this great-looking trench-running shooter, even though they're known for games with exceptional graphics. Novastorm's Silicon Graphics-rendered environs are better than those in Lucas Arts' Rebel Assault, and the gameplay is at least comparable. Though the game's 'computers v. mankind' conceit is recycled, it is largely irrelevant. Piloting a star fighter confronted by waves of enemy ships, you watch the action from behind your ship, firing at buddies, collecting bonuses, frantically avoiding walls and dodging fire."

"Anyone itching for furious PC arcade action would have trouble finding a wilder ride than Novastorm."

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