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ZOOM Norse by Norse West
$9.95 (DOS/Win95/Win98) (Retail) (NORSEXNWPR)
$4.95 (DOS/Win95/Win98) (Jewel Case) (NORSEXNWPJ)

Silicon & Synapse, Inc / Interplay



from The Adrenaline Vault

The Return of The Lost Vikings

The lost boys are back: Erik the Swift, Baleog the Fierce and Olaf the Stout. This action-strategy is not for the lame of brain. In their last adventure, the trio escaped from the evil alien captor, Tomator. Now, armed with all new high-tech weaponry the boys heisted from Tomator, they set out to find the time machine that will land them back home. It's your challenge to complete each of the levels with all three characters alive and kickin'.

Plug in, boot up and fight! Norse by Norse West. A mind-bending voyage to new worlds.

New characters - Scorch the fire-breathing dragon & Fang the werewolf

Fly, shrink, hover and more with 5 hilarious characters, each equipped with unique abilities

31 levels of mind-bending play

5 different worlds with endless terrain and a host of fierce enemies

Beautifully rendered 3D characters and environments

1 or 2 players


IBM or 100% compatible Pentium 60 or higher with Windows 95, 2x CD-ROM drive, 16MB RAM, VESA compatible SVGA video adapter, 100% Microsoft compatible mouse, hard drive with minimum 4MB free space, Sound Blaster or 100% compatible sound card.

Viking Bios

Dissatisfied with his job as senior polar bear wrangler, Baleog the Fierce auditioned for the Nordic Gladiators but stomped out in disgust when he was barred from bringing his own weaponry. It was then that Baleog realized his responsibility to pass on his skills to the next generation of Vikings. He formed Baleog's School of Plunder, with a popular curriculum focusing on Pillaging, Plundering, and Setting Things On Fire. He became famous throughout Scandinavia for a brilliant lecture course entitled Geat-Crushing In Three Easy Steps. ("Step One: Select a Geat. Step Two: Aim high. Step Three: Crush.") He then went on a tour promoting his book Stalking The Wild Geat and its wildly successful sequel Just What IS A Geat, Anyway?

Olaf the Stout decided to pursue his dream of becoming a sumo wrestler and set off in search of the Land of the Rising Sun. He made it as far as the Land of the Noonish Sun before he turned back - not because the journey was too tough but because he couldn't find lasagna anywhere beyond the Mediterranean. Instead, he returned sheepishly home to his family and devoted himself to instructing his children in the arts of swordsmanship, looting, thundering, and making decent goat cheese. Both of his daughters now attend the Baleog School of Plunder - Olaf is especially proud of his eldest, Gerda, who has achieved the rank of Honorary Valkyrie AND can out eat her dad any day of the week. Olaf has appeared on "Lifestyles Of The Large & Bearded" and is busy working on a Combat Frisbee, although the neighbors insist that the idea will never fly.

Erik the Swift's experiences in outer space left him bored with village life. He ended up with the mystic Order of the Leaping Mountain Goat, where he finally learned peace, enlightenment, and how to eat a tin can whole. In fact, Erik emptied his mind so thoroughly that he then spent months wandering around dazed and confused, sculpting fjords out of mashed potatoes and believing he was an iguana. He regained his memory after several knocks on the head, all self-inflicted whilst attempting to ram open a can of tuna: <> "Wait a minute! I'm not an iguana at all!" <> "Heeey, I'm Erik the Swift!" He swiped a ship and hurried home to the village, where he was warmly greeted by his brothers...especially Olaf, who was thrilled to discover that his own journey had NOT been the most ridiculous one in the history of the village, after all.


The Adrenaline Vault by Pete Hines

"...In this combination action/strategy/puzzle game, you must use the skills of each hero and the help of friends they meet along the way to get them back home. With skill, brains, a little luck, and a good sense of humor, you might just make it."

"...The enemy characters were not terribly difficult to defeat and acted rather predictably. That was ok though, because the game was hard enough to play as it was. Besides, it was really designed to be more of a puzzle game than an action game with lots of shooting, etc."

"I found Norse by Norsewest to be very entertaining and a nice change of pace. Essentially, I liked this game because I had a lot of fun. It was easy to pick up and kept my attention with each new level. There are not a lot of games out there like this one. The interface is simple, the objective is clear, and the levels are challenging and entertaining enough to keep the player engrossed. The graphics and FX definitely could have been better, but the appeal of this game is the challenge and fun it provides..."

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