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ZOOM No One Lives Forever
Game of the Year Edition
Sold Out (Win95/98/2000/Me/XP) (DVD Case) (NOONEGYPR)

Publisher: Monolith / Fox Interactive / Sierra

Blood / Violence

Ratings & Awards:

Game of the Year - Computer Games'

Editor's Choice Award - IGN

- The Adrenaline Vault

Action Game of the Year - Computer Gaming World

Action Game of the Year - PC Gamer


Who Wants to Live Forever?

Now includes 4 New Levels

From tense subterfuge to in-your-face combat, this special edition of the award-winning The Operative: No One Lives Forever gives you all the action of the original game, plus 4 new levels of the intense sixties-influenced spy action that made this Computer Games' Game of the Year and PC Gamer's Action Game of the Year. So step into the shoes of fearless secret agent Cate Archer and enter a deadly underworld, where it takes skill, cunning and killer firepower to survive.

Game Features:

The original The Operative: No One Lives Forever game: 15 missions across 60 levels. Unique situations worthy of any super spy - skydive from a plummeting airliner, fight off killer sharks and explore twisted jungles.

Even more firepower: An all-new heart stopping mission sends Cate into the heart of an active volcano.

Source code and editing tools to enable mod and level creation

Multiplay for up to 16 players. Take your chances in an all-or-nothing, Good vs Evil multiplayer game or go head to head in Deathmatch mode. Choose from over 30 different characters.

Killer Style - Meets Killer Instinct

Enter the colorful, cloak and dagger world of villains and super spies, circa 1967. As The Operative, Cate Archer, you must rely on cunning, stealth, superior firepower and ingenious gadgetry to protect humanity from twisted madmen bent upon world domination.

Fearless. Flawless. Always Fashionable.

In addition to conventional and experimental weapons, Cate Archer must use a variety of custom-made gadgets to complete her mission.

Robotic Poodle: Dogs may be man's best friend, but this robotic poodle is Cate's. Device seeks out canines within its sensor range and bewitches them with a powerful pheromone spray.

Lipstick Explosive: This inconspicuous looking lipstick is actually a powerful explosive which can detonate on contact or deliver a deadly kiss set on proximity mode.

Barrette: A fashionable barrette with a retractable lockpick. Barrette can also be fitted with a capsule which can release poison subcutaneously into a victim with just the slightest scratch.

Over 30 unique weapons and gadgets in all

The operative requires as much advanced intelligence as possible.

Match wits with a variety of villains and thugs!

The DVD Case version does not include the bonus audio CD.


Windows 95/98/2000/Me/XP: Pentium II 300 MHz, 64 MB RAM, 400 MB free hard disk space, 4x CD-ROM drive, 8 MB 3D accelerator with Direct3D support, DirectX 7.0 or higher, 16 bit sound card.


The Adrenaline Vault by Nick Stewart

"Split into 15 different levels with at least three missions apiece, No One Lives Forever has a real variety of goals for Archer to attain. Though she begins with what is a seemingly simple mission to protect and escort the American ambassador in Morocco, she gradually works her way through a great number of different situations that put her though almost every classic spy convention imaginable. Including the infiltration of a megacorporation's HQ, intelligence gathering, employee extraction, search, rescue, and much more -- there isn't a whole lot that Archer isn't asked to do. Being an able spy and a former thief, however, she's left with several different choices on how to handle herself. On one hand, she can reach into UNITY's considerable arsenal to leap into the bulk of her do-as-you-please missions with guns blazing. On the other hand, she's also capable of accessing UNITY's scientists and gadgetry designers, known as Santa and the Toymakers, in order to sneak, creep, and generally use spy tactics to work her way through to a given goal. Though certain missions will demand that you maintain a low profile and a solid cover, you'll usually be allowed to indulge your trigger finger should you so desire."

"What is perhaps one of the most crucial elements of No One Lives Forever's personality -- more so than action and backdrops -- is silly, cheesy humor. From the ridiculous gadgets, to the goofy "classified documents," to the thick accents of the cliched villains, a heavy dose of comedy is present in most corners of the game. For example, evil henchmen are no longer mindless drones; they've personalities all their own. If you're quiet enough, you might overhear a couple of them complaining that he wants to leave his post because he has to go to the bathroom but can't because you might show up... The developers aren't even above mocking the genre itself, with a sign in a sewer even reading "Mandatory FPS Sewer." It's this self-knowing tongue-in-cheek humor that gives No One Lives Forever its decidedly goofy sheen, which only further pushes its rather unique envelope."

"Although it could have easily been a simple riff on the whole Austin Powers phenomenon, No One Lives Forever has shockingly shaped up to be one of the best FPS titles of the year. With a heavy dash of Thief, a sprinkling of Deus Ex, the essence of Bond and a huge dollop of comedy, the game comes to vibrant life, with each of its parts working in terrific synergy. Run-and-gun types will be elated by the ample opportunities to eviscerate their foes with high-powered weaponry, while fans of the under-appreciated computerized spy genre will have more than enough gadgets, tools, and opportunities to indulge their sneakier sides. Monolith has done a downright amazing job at injecting these proceedings with a firmly tongue-in-cheek 60's atmosphere, lending an authentic "Bond meets Powers" tone to the entire affair that strikes all the right notes. With a great sense of humor, a large single-player campaign and an incredible amount of replayability that belies its linear nature, No One Lives Forever is a groovy and intensely entertaining ride that no FPS fan should ignore."

IGN by Tal Blevins

"In NOLF, you play as Cate Archer, 60s super-sexy spy supreme who's job it is to help Unity prevail over the evil organization H.A.R.M. The comparisons to Austin Powers are obvious (although if I hear one more person say "It's groovy, baby! Yeah baby, yeah!," I'm going to punch them in the face). Cate and Austin are both gaudily-clad, smart-mouthed, British secret agents in the vein of James Bond, only Cate looks a little sexier in a skin-tight red and white pleather jumpsuit. As a matter of fact, NOLF is chock full of scenes directly out of memorable Bond movies, especially the worst one of them all: Moonraker. Not only does NOLF include an obligatory stint on a space station orbiting the earth, but also an extremely cool "jump out of a burning plane and catch the guy with the only parachute" level which fits in perfectly with the campiness of the game. Because of the quality cinematic feel of NOLF, you really feel like you're playing the lead role in a spy thriller. The designers and writers did a great job of using the story to give you plenty of character background, so you don't feel like you're just playing a floating hand with a gun attached."

"Okay, so enough with the feel and look of the game, what about the game itself? It rocks! The game is a mix of Thief, Half-Life, and Unreal, and there's a little something for every type of action lover out there. You're a secret agent, so you can opt to be sneaky and make your way around each level avoiding cameras and taking out any opposition silently, or you can turn it up a notch and go with a full-blown bullet fest..."

"Speaking of enemies, the bad guys (and girls) in NOLF sport some pretty nifty AI, and rarely left me feeling like I was taking down lifeless dummies. Enemies jump out of the way of fire and actively seek cover (or make it themselves by knocking over tables and the like), peaking their heads out only to send a small burst of bullets your way before hiding again..."

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