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Sold Out (Win98/2000/Me/XP) (Retail) (NOONE2PR)

Publisher: Monolith / Fox Interactive / Sierra


Blood and violence


A from Just Adventure

from Four Fat Chicks

Cate Archer Is a Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way

The sequel to the award-winning The Operative: No One Lives Forever returns you to a world of espionage, intrigue, and dry humor inspired by the '60s spy craze. Armed with an arsenal of deadly weapons, cunning spy gadgets, and devious traps, you must undertake a dangerous, top secret mission that will take you to exotic locales like Japan, India, and Akron, Ohio in your quest to thwart H.A.R.M.'s plans for global domination.

The dastardly villains of H.A.R.M. are back and only one obstacle can thwart their quest for global denomination: Cate Archer, the daring super spy who failed their last nefarious plot. They've summoned the world's deadliest assassins to take her out of the spy trade once and for all. Meanwhile, the united States has uncovered a top secret Soviet project that could bring about World War III. Can Cate avert a nuclear holocaust and simultaneously keep herself out of H.A.R.M.'s way?

An all-new, advanced AI system gives enemies a deeper understanding of their environment. Watch them work at desks or step outside for a cigarette break. Lure them into the shadows by knocking over a bottle or disturbing a wind chime. Evade them as they coordinate attacks to outflank you. You'll need sharp wits and quick reflexes to save the world from H.A.R.M.

Game Features:

  • Multiple play modes, charge in with guns blazing or focus on stealth to evade and outsmart your enemy.
  • Includes over 40 action-packed single player levels.
  • Mission based cooperative multiplayer, up to four players work together as a team.
  • Travel to exotic locales as diverse as India, Japan, Siberia, and Ohio, and immerse yourself in secret agent intrigue.
  • Square off against despicable new villains, like elusive Ninjas, wily Mimes and ruthless Soviets, and encounter some familiar foes as well.

Arm Yourself for Action

Intercept and decipher enemy communications with the cleverly designed code breaker.

Knock 'em out with the stunning eye shadow case that doubles as a non-lethal taser.

The angry kitty proximity mine will melt your enemies' hearts - right before it blows them out of their socks.

The lipstick applicator hides a spy camera, just pucker up and shoot.

Send your enemies into a slumber with a handy canister of sleeping gas.

Confiscate enemy weapons like the gangster-style submachine gun and use them against your foes.

The multi-purpose utility launcher is the most flexible tool in your arsenal, accommodating everything from tranquilizer darts to security camera disablers.

The silent and lethal crossbow is perfect for situations that require finesse over brute force.

Eliminate enemies from a safe distance with the deadly, silenced sniper rifle.

Stop your enemies in their tracks with the painful but non-lethal bear trap.


Windows 98/Me/2000/XP: Pentium III 500 or higher, 128MB RAM (256MB for XP), 4X CDROM, 32MB Direct3D video card, DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card, 1.4 GB + swap file hard drive space, 56K modem for multiplayer.

Recommended: PIII 1 GHz, 256 MB RAM, 64 MB Direct 3D compatible video card, 16 bit DirectSound and DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card with support for EAX 2.0.


Just Adventure by Ray Ivey

"Technically, the game is a First-Person Shooter, but it’s got to be the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man of First-Person Shooters. This is not a criticism. In fact, the story and script elements are so strong as to virtually make the distinction between action and action/adventure meaningless. The entire experience, in fact, feels lighter than air."

"The game’s story takes you to an entertaining variety of locales: Japan, Siberia, Antarctica, India, and most hilariously, Akron, Ohio. Yes, that’s right game fans, you’ve not lived until you’ve fought a herd of Japanese girl ninjas in a trailer park in Akron Ohio during a tornado. In perhaps the game’s most brilliant moment (easily equal to the first game’s daring skydiving sequence) is the climax of the Akron sequence: a boss battle that takes place inside a trailer that’s been picked up by a tornado."

"The game is so slickly produced, so player-friendly and such breezy fun that some fans of the first game might find it all to be a bit too easy and over-packaged. But no such complaints from me. I don’t need this game to be Half-Life or even Max Payne. It’s a funny, nifty, cotton-candy confection of a game and I enjoyed every single minute of it."

Four Fat Chicks by Steerpike

"'ll note that I've given No One Lives Forever 2 a fairly high rating; the reason for this is that when viewed based on its own merit, NOLF2 is a solid first-person shooter with adequate design and a pretty good script. It's that which results in the thumbs-up rating. But as a sequel to No One Lives Forever, one of the seminal events in innovative first-person game design, it is sorely lacking..."

"Though I have myriad gripes with the game, ultimately my fundamental complaint about NOLF2 is linked inextricably with its predecessor: in No One Lives Forever, I was part of a story—a complex and hilarious tale with currents and eddies of theme and character and plot. In No One Lives Forever 2, I was playing a game..."

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