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ZOOM Nickelodeon
Adventure Pack
$19.95 (Win95/98/Me/XP) (Retail) (NICK3PKPR)

Publisher: THQ

Whew! Three Giant Adventures in One Tiny Package!

The Rugrats team up with the Wild Thornberrys to bring you excitement from around the world. Information: Get in on some great adventures as the Rugrats team up with The Wild Thornberrys to bring you excitement from around the world. Start your adventure with the Rugrats™ in Paris: The Movie and help Chuckie find his Wawa! Then make your way across into the zany world of the Wild Thornberrys™ Rambler and play several different arcade style games. Exhausted from all that travel? Then take a seat and help Detective Tommy Pickles uncover the mysteries surrounding the babies in Rugrats™ Mystery Adventures.

Rugrats in Paris- The Movie

Faster than you can say `Bonjour', Chuckie lost his Wawa! Now it's up to you and the babies to find it! Get ready for a silly-laugh-filled, diaper wearing Paris adventure where you get to run wild in Euroreptarland, play games and collect clues along the way to get Chuckie's Wawa back! Play 4 Arcade-Style games with up to 120 levels for loads of adventure.

Win the Reptar vs Robosnail Showdown after 4 games.

Choose from easy, medium or hard difficulty settings.

Features and Activities:

Euroreptarland Amusement Park - Where it all begins.

Chuckie has to be brave as he clears away the army of masks in the Martial Arts game.

Dodge those pesky spinning rice bowls to help Baby Dil retrieve his lost items without getting spun out.

Guide Kimi's car through the maze of twisty tracks to reach the exit before getting slimed.

Win the ultimate showdown as you control Reptar in this exciting robotic monster battle.

Rugrats Mystery Adventures:

Be A Super Sleuth!

Pickles. Tommy Pickles. He's not only the best private detective in town, he's the only one. So he could use your help. Tommy's working on ten different cases for his clients, Misses Susie and Misses Angelica. Who drank Susie's chocolate milk? Did Angelica swipe Phil & Lil's buried treasure, or was she framed? Help Tommy get a clue.

First, snoop for clues!
Your caseload could include any one of ten brain-teasing mysteries.

Next, collect the evidence!
6 different arcade-style activities, help you pry top-secret clues from secret informants.

Choose your games, test your skills!
Follow your hunches to solve the ultimate who-dunnit.

When you've checked out all your leads, see if you can figure out the mystery. Do you know who put sand in Chuckie's Sippy cup? Who doll-napped Cynthia? It's time to make a case for adventure.

Go Undercover in a World of Mystery and Adventure

Private Eye Tommy Pickles needs your street smarts. He has 10 mysteries that will rock the playpen, but he's clueless without you. Join the Rugrats as a super sleuth, collecting clues, playing games and unraveling mysteries.

10 Puzzling Mysteries!

  • The Case of the Sand in the Sippy Cup
  • the Case of the Grand Thief Auto
  • The Case of the Malties Ducky
  • The Case of the Missing Chocolate Milk
  • The Case of the Missing Binky
  • The Case of the Doll-Napping of Cynthia
  • The Case of the Missing Jack-in-the-Box
  • The Case of the Macarodi Art Heist
  • The Case of the Missing Buried Treasure
  • The Case of the Missing Crayons

Play to win... clues, that is!
Mastering 6 different arcade-style games could earn you enough Reptar Bars to exchange for valuable information.

Games and mysteries. Twists and turns. Welcome to the Rugrats world, where adventure's all in a day's play.

The Wild Thornberrys Rambler:

Play as your favorite character from The Wild Thornberrys as you explore and advance to more challenging levels and adventures

Requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/XP

Rugrats in Paris- The Movie: Pentium 166 MHz (Pentium 233 MHz recommended), 16 MB RAM (32 MB RAM recommended), 4x CD-ROM drive (8x CD-ROM drive recommended), Video card capable of 16 bit graphics with at least 2 MB RAM, 16 bit Windows compatible sound card, 100 MB hard disk space free.

Wild Thornberrys Rambler: Pentium166 32 MB RAM 4x CD-ROM 640 x 480 display, 256 color 16-bit Windows compatible sound card and speakers 2 MB PCI-based video card 60 MB hard drive space for installation, an additional 20 MB to run the game DirectX 7.0 (on the disc)

Rugrats Mystery Adventure: Pentium133 16 MB RAM 25 MB hard drive space minimum 4x CD-ROM 640 by 480 display, 256 colors, High and True Colors supported Windows compatible sound device DirectX compatible video and sound cards

All tested OK on Windows XP using Windows 95 compatibility mode, 256 colors.


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