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ZOOM NBA Live 98
$4.95 (Win95) (Retail) (NBALIVE8PR)

Electronic Arts

Game: Sports


92% from PC Gamer - Editor's Choice

The Soul of Hoops Brings NBA Power to Your PC

Experience the NBA lifestyle. Hip graphics and progressive music combine with the most realistic competitive gameplay available. LIVE 98 feeds you the raw POWER of today's NBA. Power control, Power moves, and Power gameplay.

Total Control:

New DirectDunking - choose your layup or slam ON COMMAND

New DirectPassing - pass to any player, any time

Tight Player Moves - spin, crossover, back down, ball fake, and more ON COMMAND

Deep Gameplay:

New GM Mode - choose franchises, draft players, and play custom seasons

New 3- Point Shoot-out - full or split screen

New Play-by-Play from TNT/TBS Color Analyst Verne Lundquist

New Player Lock - always control your favorite player

Four levels of play - including New Superstar difficulty level

Improved Game AI - smarter players, better stats

Live Power:

New 3-D all-polygon, high resolution players

New 3-Dfx support for unbelievable Virtual Stadium graphics

New - every NBA player face cyber-modeled

Players play like their real NBA counterparts

Real NBA stats, real NBA players, real NBA moves

Required: Windows 95, 100MHz Intel Pentium, Cyrix 6x86 or AMD K6, 50MB minimum hard drive space (additional space required for saved games & DirectX 5 installation, 16 MB RAM, high color (65,535 color) capable 1MB PCI SVGA video card withDirectDraw compatible driver, 4x (MPC2 compliant) CD-ROM drive using 32-bit Windows 95 CD-ROM driver, Direct X 5.0 (included on game CD), keyboard, mouse.

Recommended: Pentium 166MHz CPU or faster, 32MB RAM, 125 MB hard drive space free (additional space requried for saved games and DirectX 5 installation), Gravis GamePad Pro, 8x CD-ROM drive using 32-bit Windows 95 CD-ROM driver, 3D Accelerator using the 3Dfx Voodoo Graphics or Voodoo Rush chipset.

Required For Multiplayer: Network (2-8 players on 2 PCs) - IPX compatible network 133 MHz Pentium processor or faster, 1 CD per computer; Modem (2-8 players on 2 PCs) - 100% Hayes compatible 9600 bps or faster modem, high speed serial port (16550 UART) for external modems, 1 CD per computer; Serial Play (2-8 players on 2 PCs) - Null modem cable, high speed serial port (1655o UART), 1 CD per computer.

Supported: Audio - DirectX5 compatible sound card with Direct Sound support. Input Devices - Windows 95 supported joystick, Windows 95 supported gamepad (10 or more buttons recommended), Gravis GrIP 4-player adapter.

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