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ZOOM NASCAR Revolution
$14.95 (Win95/98) (Retail) (NASCARRVPR)

EA Sports


There's a Revolution Coming... Feel the Thunder

Authentic Racing The first 'raceable' PC racing simulation - It's only hard to drive well enough to WIN.

Revolutionary Technology Motion captured pit crews, advanced physics model, and comprehensive car setup options.

Live to Race Let your car do the talking - bump and grind side-by-side.

Race to Win Prove who's best - NASCAR drivers reflect their real-life skills.

NASCAR Competition

  • 31 top NASCAR drivers
    Plus 6 legends
  • 17 NASCAR tracks
    Including 3D track environments and night racing
  • Drive for the Cup
    Official points system and flags
  • Real Motion-Captured Pit Crews
    With team uniforms, NASCAR official, and the possibility of crew mistakes

EA Sports Style

  • Full Simulation Depth and Options
    Full car setups, Season mode, Multiplayer single and series competition, user-configurable difficulty and physics
  • TV Presentation
    Bob Jenkins and Benny Parsons in the booth plus crew chief audio assistance
  • Learn at your own pace
    Pick up and play then stay to learn how to improve your driving and car setup skills

All-New Technology

  • The Look - 3D from the Ground Up
    Push your 3Dfx or Direct3D accelerator to the limit - Realistic smoke, sparks, car damage and lighting effects
  • The Sound - New Physically Modeled Engine
    No more static sampled sounds - Staccato DSP technology models an actual engine
  • The Feel - New Thunder AI
    Computer drivers hook up to draft together, take looks, even bump and grind


Windows 95/98, 200 MHz or faster Intel Pentium, Cyrix, 6x86, or AMD K6 processor, 370 MB free hard disk space (additional space required for saved games, Windows swap file and DirectX 6 installation), 32MB RAM, 3D accelerator card with Direct3D and/or Glide 3.02 and higher and High Color (65,535 color) capable 1 MB PCI video card with DirectDraw compatible driver, 8x CD-ROM drive (600K/second transfer rate) using 32-bit Windows 95 or 98 CD-ROM driver), sound card with DirectSound support, DirectX 6.0 (included on CD), keyboard, mouse.

Requirements for Multiplayer: Network 2-8 players via IPX compliant network, network. Modem 2 player 100% Hayes compatible 28.8 or faster; High-speed serial port (16550 UART). Serial Play 2 player Null modem cable, high speed serial port (16550 UART).

Recommended: Pentium II 266 MHz or better, 64 MB RAM, 24x CD-ROM, Voodoo2 accelerator card, DirectSound 3D and Environmental Audio supported audio card, racing wheel or game controller.

Supported: 3Dfx, Voodoo2 SLI, force feedback controller, Dolby Surround Sound.

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