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  NASCAR Racing II
50th Anniversary Special Edition
$24.95   (Win95/98/DOS) (Retail) (NASCAR50PR)

Papyrus / Sierra


ESRB Rating: Everyone

This Is Racing As Real As It Gets!

You round turn four and enter the tri-oval at Talladega. You're pushing 200 MPH and it's 150 degrees inside your car. Terry Labonte is inching closer and at this rate he'll take the air off your spoiler. As you speed through turn one you hear your spotter on the two-way: "Trouble in turn two. Stay low." Staying clear of the apron, you maneuver behind Dale Earnhardt in the #3 car and draft him for one more lap until you can slingshot past him in turn three.

All of the drivers, all of the tracks and all the fun of NASCAR Racing 2 and the NASCAR Grand National Series Expansion Pack rolled into one.

Key Features:

  • Completely accurate car physics
  • 1996 season cars, drivers and tracks provide up-to-the minute realism
  • NASCAR Grand National Series 1997 drivers, cars and teams
  • 26 officially licensed tracks, plus two outrageous fantasy courses
  • Crew chief and spotter audio alert you to track conditions
  • Customize your car's look in the paintshop
  • Race for the NASCAR Grand National Series Championship
  • The hottest new tracks on the circuit, including Texas Motor Speedway and California Speedway.
  • Fast frame rate and beautifully detailed SVGA graphics

Anatomy of a Stock Car

Ground Clearance: 4 inches Fuel System: 22 gallons
Weight: 3,400 pounds Oil system: 16 quarts
Brakes: 4-wheel disc Cooling system: 14 quarts

Front Air Dam (Set by NASCAR)
The air dam catches air at the bottom-front of the car and forces it down toward the track. NASCAR mandates the position of the front air dam for each track.

Camber (Adjustable in the game)
Camber is an angle adjustment effecting how the tires contact the road. Increasing the tire surface on the track improves stability in corners. A neutral setting means the tire is perpendicular to the ground. For high-speed banking tilt the tires inward (a negative camber reading).

This V-8 720 horsepower @ 8000 RPM engine has a displacement of 358 cubic inches, 14 to 1 compression, 750cfm 4-barrel Holley carburetor and 490ft. lbs. of torque at 8000 RPMs.

Suspension (Adjustable in the game)
In front is independent double A-arm suspension. Rear suspension is solid axles, track arms, and Panhard rod. Stiffening and softening a wheel's shock absorbers has drastic effects on a car's handling and tire temperatures. If one tire is running too hot, try softening the spring to put less weight on that corner of the car.

Gear Ratio (Adjustable in the game)
The gear ratios in the 4-speed manual transmission determine your RPMs, which equal speed. For short tracks and road courses, set the gears for quick acceleration. For bigger ovals and superspeedways, speed is king. RPMs should approach 9,000 at the end of the straight.

Wheel Lock (Adjustable in the game)
Stock cars run power heavy-duty worm and pinion steering. Wheel lock determines how sharply your car turns when you turn the steering wheel. Set this value as low as you can to make each turn, but still feel comfortable. Superspeedways require less lock than road courses.

Stagger (Set by NASCAR)
Having tires with a slightly larger diameter on the right side of the car will help combat understeer and will help you make left-hand turns. Goodyear mandates tire stagger for each track.

Chassis (Set by NASCAR)
The frame is rectangular tube, by Mike Laughlin. the braces and cage are round tube.

Air Pressure (Adjustable in the game)
Lower air pressure results in hotter tires and better grip, but faster wear. Higher pressure leads to the opposite. On ovals, the right-side tires run hotter than the left, so increase pressure in these tires to help even out the temperature and grip.

Weight Distribution (Adjustable in the game)
Wedge, or cross weight, is a way of varying the weight carried by the right-front and left-rear wheels. Increase wedge to decrease oversteer. Decrease it to alleviate understeer. Wedge should always be neutral for road racing.

Rear Spoiler (Adjustable in the game)
Air rushing over your car catches on the spoiler, creating downforce which equals stabiltiy. A high spoiler angle increases stability, while a low angle results in greater speed. A car drafting you too closely "takes the air off your spoiler" and makes your car loose.

Race in authentic NASCAR events on 26 different tracks, including:

Charlotte Motor Speedway
Charlotte requires speed in the straightaways and grip in the corners. Be careful not to limit your top speed with a gear ratio that's too high.

Martinsville Speedway
The low banking and close quarters make this short oval track tougher on your brakes than any track on the circuit. Here you'll need short, tight gearing and a loose set-up.

Sears Point Raceway
On this winding, twisting road track driving is the key, not car set-up. Still, pay attention to your gear ratios, since you'll spend a lot of time shifting.

Talladega Superspeedway
Talladega is the longest closed speedway in the world, and the site of Bill Elliott's record-setting 212.809 MPH lap. This track is so fast that NASCAR mandates carburetor restrictor plates to keep speeds down. Try lowering the fourth-gear ratio to maintain faster speed through the turns.

  • Texas Motor Speedway
  • California Speedway
  • South Boston Speedway
  • Nazareth Speedway
  • Nashville Speedway USA
  • The Milwaukee Mile
  • Hickory Motor Speedway
  • Indianapolis Raceway Park
  • Myrtle Beach Speedway
  • Gateway International Raceway

Requirements: 486/66 (Pentium 75+ recommended), 16MB RAM, 60MB of free hard drive space, VGA (SVGA recommended), sound card w/DAC, mouse, 2x CD-ROM (4x recommended).

Supports: Joystick, wheel/pedal combo, mouse, modem (9600 BAUD or greater).

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