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Nancy Drew
Danger on Deception Island

Sold Out (Win98/Me/2000/XP) (Mini Retail) (NANCYD9PR)

Publisher: Her Interactive

Ages 10 and up


A from Just Adventure

from Four Fat Chicks

Trouble Runs Deep In Snake Horse Harbor!

In Danger on Deception Island, you, as Nancy Drew, are investigating a string of mysterious events on Deception Island. Try this adventure by foot, bike, and kayak! Navigate sea caves, boats, and the surrounding waters in your kayak. Hop on your bike to explore the Whale Center, Hot Kettle Cafe, and Lighthouse. Walk around town or hit the sandy beach to discover a lighthouse, build sandcastles and more!

When George’s friend, Katie Firestone, invites Nancy to Deception Island in the San Juan Islands of the Pacific Northwest for a whale-watching excursion, the sleuth arrives to find Katie’s tour boat heavily vandalized. A threatening note warns Katie to “stop meddling.” As Nancy investigates, she learns that the town of Snake Horse Harbor is up in arms over an orphaned Orca whale that recently appeared in the channel and has apparently decided to stay.

No one has yet figured out what pod she’s from, and it seems that everyone has a different idea of what should be done about her. But one person seems to stand in way of everyone's plans: a meddling Katie Firestone! As Nancy begins to question her allies, a simple vandalism case begins to unfold into something more mysterious…and sinister.


Sea worthy? Hang out with your host and whale watching tour owner, Katie Firestone.

Tourist or Traveler? There aren't very many whales in River Heights, so enjoy the Orcas.

Sleuth-Powered! You can cover more ground--er, water if you use paddle power.

Explore sea caves and the channel. Don't go outside the markers and use your GPS!!

Bike Safety: Now more than ever. Remember to put your bike helmet on!

Swim with the Big Fish. Visit the whale museum to learn about marine life.

Decode it! Discover a message in a bottle or two, or three.

You'll spend a lot of time outside, but rest assured, there are spooky inside areas too.


Windows 98/Me/2000/XP: Processor: Pentium 200 Mhz or Higher ;Video Card: SVGA Video Card ;Hard Drive: 160 MB HD CD-ROM: 8x or Faster ;RAM: 16 MB RAM


Just Adventure by Ryan Casey

"In this new adventure, Nancy has arrived at Deception Island for a relaxing whale watching vacation with marine biologist Katie Firestone. (You know, of course, that in Nancy Drew’s Detective Dictionary, there is no listing for ‘vacation.’) However, upon arrival, things literally start falling apart from the very beginning – Katie’s boat is vandalized! Nancy’s seen worse crimes than this, but Katie refuses to call in the sheriff. So, off goes everybody’s favorite sleuth on another fun-tastic mystery!"

"Compared to previous games, I think this is a one-way competition. Deception Island is truly the game that Nancy Drew and mystery fans have been waiting for. The puzzles are better, the concept is better, and the historical piece of the puzzle is intriguing, as well..."

Four Fat Chicks by Scout

"There were some decent characterizations, with just enough true-to-life stuff to keep the game from bogging down in saccharine sweetness. Like life in any confined piece of real estate, tensions run high between the opposing camps. Nancy, much to her credit, does a good job of remaining the objective observer, even when Katie herself is implicated late in the game..."

"Nancy Drew Danger on Deception Island is a solid kids' game with straight-ahead puzzles and pleasant graphics. You can buy this game for your child without giving a second thought to age-appropriate material. I suspect the adult fans of this game will like it a lot. Nonfans take heed. As I mentioned above, I haven't played any of the prior eight games so I'll leave the compare and contrast to others. For me it was a nice interlude from my more adult fare and did exactly what it was supposed to do, the way a freezer should make ice cubes or a battery should power a radio. Nothing extra special, not great, not terrible. Just Nancy Drew doing what Nancy Drew do."

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