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Nancy Drew
The Final Scene

Sold Out (Win95/98/Me/XP) (Paper Jewel Case) (NANCYD5PJ)

Publisher: Dreamcatcher

Ages 10 and up


B from Just Adventure

from Four Fat Chicks

Outwit a Desperate Kidnapper Before a Theater Tumbles Down

Search a darkened movie theater as super-sleuth Nancy Drew to free a hostage from her captor's dangerous plot!

Includes: First Edition Book - Nancy Drew: The Case of the Lost Song

A friend has just vanished at the Royal Palladium Theater, and you, as Nancy Drew, are in a race against time to find her. The building is destined for demolition in three days, and a sinister caller says your friend will go down with it! Use your wits, nerve, and stealth to crack a kidnapping in this fascinating 3D interactive theater riddled with hidden passageways, magician's trickery, and devious puzzles that conceal precious clues. If you don't unmask the slippery kidnapper soon, all hopes of a happy ending will turn to rubble.


Two Spy IQ levels of difficulty

20+ hours of game play

Lively, animated 3D characters, each with a secret to protect

`Second Chance' option - without starting over

Rich, interactive, 360-degree, 3D environments

Huge, realistic theater full of secret rooms, trapdoors, and passageways

Original, high-quality music and 3D sound effects

Built in game hints (but only if you want them)

Great opportunities for collaborative sleuthing with family and friends


Win95/98/Me/XP: Pentium 166 MHz processor, 16 MB RAM, 150 MB free hard drive space, 8x CD-ROM drive, 16 bit DirectX 7, color graphics video card and sound card, mouse and speakers.


Just Adventure by Ray Ivey

"This is the fifth outing for Nancy in the peppy adventure series from HerInteractive, and for my money it's the most successful game of the series."

"... the story is good, and the usual "everyone's got a dark secret" formula necessary for a Nancy Drew story really works, as each character has an intriguing background. There's the actor - he's a hot ticket matinee idol, but what is he afraid of? There's the actor's agent - just how far would she go to promote her client's career? Of course there's the crusty old projectionist . . . and why does he seem to be so reluctant to leave the doomed theater? Finally, there's the passionate young activist - is he willing to break the law to accomplish his goals?"

"Fans of HerInteractive's Nancy Drew series won't want to miss this excellent installment. And for newcomers, The Final Scene is an excellent place to start."

Four Fat Chicks by Old Rooser

"With this kind of narrative-driven adventure title, the story becomes primary for me, with the nature and design of the puzzles secondary. The Final Scene has a fine tale to tell, undoubtedly one that has previously found its way into one of the 100+ Carolyn Keene/Drew novels. The graphics are crisp and detailed; character management is clear; hints are available at the junior level; voice acting and sound are nicely done. I would strongly recommend the game to younger or newer adventure players. It's safe, comfortable, finely tuned, and well-constructed. What, then, keeps me from giving it a coveted Gold Star award?

"Although there is not much in the way of direct competition for this niche of the market, other adventure titles (Syberia, Atlantis series), and other blended-adventure games (Zanzarah, Harry Potter), have demonstrated a level of production quality, especially in the graphics area, that makes The Final Scene seem almost as static and dated as the theater it portrays. Further, the 47% interface is unnecessary and certainly not required when we see what can be done with newer adventure titles such as The Watchmaker and Mystery of the Druids.

"Yet being a player who values content over graphics, substance over form, I still enjoyed the game and had a good time with it. I will look forward, though, to the time when Nancy and her pals can be portrayed full-screen, and in seamless 360-degree, real 3D graphical splendor!"

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