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ZOOM Nancy Drew
Message in a Haunted Mansion
Sold Out (Win95/98/ME/XP) (Retail) (NANCYD3PR)

Publisher: DreamCatcher Interactive

Game (For Adventurous Girls 10 and Up)


A from Just Adventure

Follow Your Hunches as You Explore a Huge Victorian Mansion

Assume the identity of super-sleuth Nancy Drew to discover who - or what - is behind the mysterious accidents in a house full of secrets.

You, as Nancy Drew, have just crossed the threshold to danger and intrigue into a fully interactive, three-dimensional mansion riddled with secrets, shadows and hidden passageways.

Interview fellow guests, poke into dusty nooks and uncover cryptic messages. Clues, dead-ends and trickery abound ... but success is at hand with some daring and resourcefulness.

Play the Part of Nancy Drew on the Trail of a Ghostly Secret

In Message in a Haunted Mansion, Nancy has flown to San Francisco to help out an old family friend who is turning a beautiful but dilapidated Victorian house into a bed-and-breakfast establishment. Nancy gets set to help with the renovation and is told about the strange goings-on and accidents. Always eager to solve a mystery, Nancy is determined to uncover the cause of the ‘accidents’ plaguing the renovation of the old mansion.

Some believe that the mansion is haunted………

Follow your hunches as you explore the huge mansion full of secrets to discover who – or what – is behind the mysterious occurrences and accidents. It’s up to you to find the truth as you speak with the other characters and explore the many recessed nooks, secret rooms and darkened hallways searching for vital clues. Are you heading towards the truth or a trap?

Roll up your sleeves, get out your detective’s notebook, grab your magnifying glass and step into the world of Nancy Drew with your very own mystery to solve!


  • Realistic characters, each with a secret to hide
  • Rich, interactive, 360-degree 3D Graphics
  • Multi-story mansion with lots of hidden areas to find and explore
  • Built-in game hints and a ‘second chance’ option
  • Two ‘Spy IQ” levels of difficulty
  • Hours and hours of game play – great for individual play or for collaborative sleuthing with Mom, Sis or friends!


Windows 95/98/ME/XP: Pentium 166 MHz, 16 MB RAM, 8x CD-ROM drive, DirectX 7.0 compatible.


Just Adventure by Jenny Guenther

"In direct contrast to Secrets Can Kill, which had some improbable puzzles and unlikely clues just laying around any old place, Message in a Haunted Mansion's puzzles are completely organic to the game. There are clues to every puzzle somewhere in the mansion, although sometimes I found the clues only after I had solved a puzzle. While this game is not difficult for an experienced adventure game player, neither are the puzzles in any way dumbed down for the inexperienced player. This player definitely had to put on her thinking cap!"

"Her Interactive has always done a beautiful job with background graphics, achieving near photorealism. MHM's backgrounds are no exception; they are lovely. The character animations have improved vastly. In Secrets Can Kill, they were very cartoony, superimposed on the backgrounds in a way that was jarring to the eye; but in MHM, the characters are 3D-animated, fairly smoothly, and fit into the overall look of the game quite nicely. As with Secrets Can Kill, the characters don't move around within the game at all, but in MHM, sometimes they're in their fixed locations and sometimes they're not, which opens up some new avenues for exploration."

Quandary Reviews by Rosemary Young

"The wayward cursor, however, doesn't spoil the game, it's just a mild irritation and only then occasionally. As we have come to expect from the people at Her Interactive, the graphics are truly amazing, so rich and detailed and more than capable of showing off the plush Victorian décor. The house is absolutely fascinating to explore, especially with all the hidden secrets that reward the diligent detective. Ok so I didn't get my wish for the Nancy Drew series to adopt a new, more versatile cursor but I did have one very important wish come true. Nancy Drew now has captions throughout, even significant sounds are captioned. This means that it is perfectly playable by hard of hearing players or anyone else who relies on text translations."

"...Although this series is aimed towards pre-teen and teenage girls it is nevertheless eminently playable by anyone in this age group who enjoys a good mystery. The complexity of the story and puzzles is just about right to challenge young players and carry them along on a mysterious adventure. The Nancy Drew games have also gathered a collection of 'older' fans who just can't resist their charms so this is surely a game that all the family can get together and play."

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