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ZOOM Nancy Drew
Stay Tuned for Danger
Sold Out (Win95/98/Me/XP) (Paper Jewel Case) (NANCYD2PJ)

Publisher: Her Interactive



Ages: 10 and up


B from  Just Adventure
5.0 Kid Appeal from SuperKids

An Interactive Mystery Game

In ‘Stay Tuned For Danger,’ TV's hottest soap star, Rick Arlen, is receiving threatening letters, and it's up to Nancy to get to the bottom of them. Are they serious or just a prank?

As Nancy, pose as an extra on the set to unravel the web of deceit lurking in the wings, and the lies surrounding the suspects. There’s more to this case than meets the eye, and you must gather evidence with caution! Will you discover the truth before the final curtain call?

Explore the many areas of the TV studio, the Talent Agency’s offices, and the private home of one of the co-stars, searching for clues and gathering the pieces of information to solve this mystery. Rick could be in danger – real danger - and it’s up to you to prove it!

It’s Showtime!


  • Realistic characters, each with a secret to hide
  • Rich, interactive, 360-degree 3D Graphics
  • Multi-roomed TV studio with lots of hidden areas to explore
  • Built-in game hints and a ‘second chance’ option
  • Three ‘Spy IQ” levels of difficulty
  • Hours and hours of game play – great for individual play or for collaborative sleuthing with Mom, Sis or friends!



Windows 95/98/Me/XP: 166 MHz Pentium processor, 16 MB RAM, 130 MB available hard disk space, 16 bit color graphics video card, 8X CD-ROM drive, 16 bit Windows compatible stereo sound card, mouse and speakers, DirectX 7.0 compatible.


SuperKids Educational Software Review

Mattie"...Stay Tuned for Danger is an intricate masterpiece, filled with clues, twists, dead ends and pay dirt. It most definitely is not for the easily discouraged. Even when the mystery's solution is apparent, it must be earned, a difficult task for the most seasoned sleuth. but then, the fun is in the discovery, and it is not meant to be rushed. In her latest adventure, soap opera actress Mattie Jensen enlists Nancy's help. Her costar and personal leading man, Rick Arlen, is being threatened by an elusive enemy. The situation begins with intimidating notes, then escalates to poisoned candy and an accident on the set. Rick is seemingly nonchalant, but the danger is obviously real. The perpetrator must be found and stopped!"

Kids Like Ours Software Reviews

"Here is another wonderfully imaginative game from HER Interactive. It looks so much like the real world that your daughter might just forget that it isn't. Some great features about this game are: The graphics are wonderful, not only are there fun touches like real photos on the mantel mixed in with photos of the main player but the game is set up so that day fades into evening and vice versa. The three levels of gameplay ensure that it will be a challenge to anyone who plays. If for any reason you make a wrong choice in the game and cause your (Nancy's) untimely end you can simply restart and click 'second chance' to put you back where you were before the accident. If you get stuck all you have to do is use the phone (in the game) and call up one of three people to give you hints. Talking to the characters is totally interactive. You must be sure to click on the right responses in order to get clues. I could go on and on but let's just say that this is a favorite at my home and is sure to be a favorite at yours!"

Quandary Computer Game Reviews, December, 1999, by Rosemary Young

"As with the first game the graphics are exceptional and are presented with such meticulous detail that it is a sheer joy to explore. Offices have desks cluttered with pens papers, disks and, of course, computer equipment, all of which just beg to be rifled through: and the prop room is a treasure trove of paraphernalia squeezed into shelves and piled onto tables.

"The puzzles and problems are varied and interesting and include interrogating suspects, searching for useful items, sniffing out clues and opening secret passageways. In the process there's a torn scrap of paper to piece together, a Hanoi Tower puzzle to complete and I must mention all the mysterious cryptic notes sprinkled around which have become a trademark of this series and really do add a lot of fun to the game play. These take the form of simple ciphers or other word games and, although they don't have to be cracked, it's worth taking on the challenge to get a hint or two. There are also two suspense-filled, timed puzzles that really get the heart pounding, one of which could be a stumbling block for aspiring detectives when playing at the master level, I won't give anything away, but this final puzzle requires fast thinking and fast action and I couldn't solve it without assistance. Although I do have to add that it certainly lifts the pace of the game at this crucial time and fits in perfectly."

JustAdventure, by Harriet Gurganus

"...The concept was for these games to appeal to girls, ages ten and up. Well, I am certainly on the up-side of ten and I have enjoyed every minute of Stay Turned for Danger. Actually, I consider these games to be ageless and genderless. Anyone who is looking for a fun time at the PC will find it here."

Rick"The voice-overs for Mattie Jensen and Nancy Drew are good. Rich sounds as obnoxious as he is supposed to, and the heavy New York City accent used by a TV interviewer is overdone but priceless.

"The puzzles fit nicely into the plot and don't appear patched in to fill space as they do in so many games. They are blended into the story in a believable manner. The gameplay is point-and-click, which works well for this story."

The Review Zone by Tina Velgos

"Expertly designed with an intricate script and a slick interface, this software lets girls (and guys!) play Nancy Drew as she goes undercover to help TV's hottest soap hunk, Rick Arlen, who is receiving "weird and totally bizarre" death threats. As an undercover extra on the show, "Light of Our Love", kids wander the halls of a television studio and explore everything from stars' dressing rooms to the set's prop room."

SuperKids Software Review

"Stay Tuned for Danger is an intricate masterpiece, filled with clues, twists, dead ends and pay dirt. It most definitely is not for the easily discouraged. Even when the mystery's solution is apparent, it must be earned, a difficult task for the most seasoned sleuth. But then, the fun is in the discovery, and it is not meant to be rushed!"

"As with Secrets Can Kill, this program challenges the user to become an investigator, to look everywhere for clues, and then return to look again. It illustrates the need to carefully consider all evidence and sometimes reject the obvious. To question everything and to accept nothing without due consideration. It strengthens problem solving and critical thinking skills -- skills that promote creativity, innovation and independence.

"Our teen testers became immediately immersed in this program. Although it frustrated them at times, they faithfully persisted in their efforts. Some reported giving up with a fruitless game and starting a new one, using information learned from prior errors, taking paths not taken, and achieving more success the second time around.

"Players interview and interact with animated 3D characters, a change from the program's predecessor, Secrets Can Kill, which featured real-life characters in video clips. Although our testers grimaced with distaste when they first encountered the new characters, they soon accepted them, and reported that they ultimately preferred them."

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