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ZOOM Music Write Plus
Sold Out (Win95/3.1) (Retail) (MWRITEPPR)

Voyetra Technologies, Inc.


Compose, Play and Print

Music Write Plus lets you compose and print professional style sheet music using your Windows compatible PC. Even a musical novice can create great looking sheet music within minutes. Using a mouse or your MIDI compatible keyboard you can enter music on the staff, listen to it, edit it, add lyrics and then print it out.

Great for guitar and keyboard players, singers and anyone interested in composing their own music. Music Write Plus features a comprehensive tutorial on music notation and songwriting so even the beginner can learn how to write great music.

Cut, copy and paste music just as easily as editing text in a word processor.

Print music - complete with title, copyright and lyrics - on any Windows compatible printer

Play back your music using your PC sound card or an external MIDI synthesizer

Choose from any of 128 general MIDI instruments

Compose music by inserting notes, chords and ties with just the click of a mouse

Insert dynamic symbols and hear them affect your score when it plays back

Record music from your MIDI keyboard and see it instantly converted into music notation

On-screen video tutorial gets you started quickly

Zoom in to edit in fine detail

Add your name, song title, copyright information and more

Hear your music at any tempo with adjustable tempo control

Add chord names and guitar chord symbols

Add lyrics and display them with any Windows Font

Auto Formatting feature makes your score look clean and professional every time

Includes Introduction to Song Writing Book!

Included with Music Write Plus is the book introduction to Songwriting, a valuable guide to the creative process of writing, arranging, and producing your own songs and compositions. A $10.95 value.

Requirements: IBM PC or compatible computer running Windows 3.1, 95 or NT, 486DX2/66 or higher, 8MB RAM, 2MB hard disk space, VGA card and monitor with 256 colors, double speed or faster CD-ROM drive, Windows compatible sound card, mouse or other pointing device.

Additional Recommendations: MIDI compatible musical keyboard for recording MIDI, 15 pin joystick connector and PC MIDI interface cable for recording music with an external MIDI keyboard, Windows compatible printer for printing music.

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