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Muppet Treasure Island
Sold Out (Windows) (Jewel Case) (MUPPETTIPO)



Ages: 5 and up

Epic Family Adventure of Exploration, Laughter and Learning!

Join Kermit as Captain Smollett and his Muppet crew on the adventure of a lifetime! Search for buried treasure in the Muppets' version of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic epic. Visit new lands, meet swashbuckling pirates, and discover a treasure-trove of puzzles, activities and learning gems in this rollicking interactive treasure hunt!

A Blend of Learning and Fun! Four engaging worlds, two hours of full-screen video, and an activity-driven story line provide hours of fun learning.

Visually Stunning Quality! Lushly illustrated backgrounds, panoramic 360 degree views and stunning sound create the highest production-value family CD-ROM game ever.

Muppets Galore! Interact with a giant cast teeming with your favorite Muppet characters as well as all-new colorful pirates.

Cinematic Adventure! Featuring live-action characters - Tim Curry and Billy Connolly from the hit family movie.

Explore Four Wondrous Worlds Overflowing with Activities!

The Benbow Inn. Your adventure begins in this pirates' retreat - with help from Gonzo and Rizzo, you might find the hidden Treasure Map!.

Bristol. Boarding a treasure-bound ship from Bristol's docks is no easy task - you'll have to earn your passage first..

The Hispaniola. Learn the tools of the trade from Captain Smollett and earn the honor of navigating this mighty ship to Treasure Island.

Treasure Island. Your final destination! Use everything you've learned along the way to find the fabled buried treasure.

Discover a Treasure-Trove of Imaginative Puzzles!

Build Hand-Pie Coordination! Launch pies at scurvy pirates! Keep 'em out of Pops' store - and earn some new threads.

Promote Discovery and Adventure! Sort through funny objects in Billy Bones' sea never know what you might find.

Explore Problem-Solving Fun! Build a 3-D model of The Hispaniola and learn the different parts of a ship.

Practice Strategic Thinking! Arrange the gold doubloons to unlock the mysteries of Treasure Cave.


100% IBM PC-compatible computer, 486DX2/66MHz processor, 8 MB of physical RAM, double-speed CD-ROM drive (300K/second sustained transfer rate), 35MB of uncompressed hard disk space, 15MB hard disk space for virtual memory (recommended), VESA local bus (VLB) or PCI video, 256 color SVGA (640x480), 100% Microsoft compatible mouse and driver, 100% Sound Blaster compativel sound card, Video for Windows (included) and Indeo video (included).

Additional Requirements for Windows 3.1x: Microsoft MS-DOS 6.2x operating system, Microsoft Windows 3.1x, WinG (included), 100% windows 3.1x compatible printer (optional). Note: Thes program uses new multimedia Windows technologies (WinG, Video for Windows and Indeo) which may require your system to have the latest Widnows sound and video drivrs that can support these technologies.

Additional Requirements for Windows 95: A 100% windows 95 compatible computer system (including 32-bit Windows 95 compatible drivers for CD-ROM drive, video card, sound card and input devices), Microsoft Windows 95 operating system, 100% widnows 95 compatible printer (optional).

NOTE: This product requires an English language operating system to run.


Quandary Reviews by Gordon Aplin

"All aboard, me old ship mates, for mirth, mayhem and madness with the Muppet crew as Robert Louis Stevenson's classic Treasure Island is given the irrepressible and irreverent Muppet treatment. In this quest for treasure there's never a dull moment. If you're not trying to improve your dress sense you might be shooting pies at ratbag pirates, or weighing anchor (it's very heavy), or even taking the helm of the good ship 'The Hispaniola' -- providing you know your port from your starboard."

"Aimed at children aged five and upwards this is a delightful point and click adventure that is guaranteed to 'hook' the odd parent or two and maybe even take the whole family along for a cruise. It features many detailed, colourful screens with lots of fun animations, jaunty sea-faring music and great sound effects..."

"There are many entertaining tasks to carry out as you progress through the story and most of them are in keeping with the game scenario. For example, once you have the map you must try to see Squire Trelawny, but you won't succeed until you are properly dressed and you don't have the money to buy new clothes. Never fear, a fun way to earn money is at hand, but you can also lose it if you are not careful. In this simplified form these sort of obstacles are the staple ingredient of many 'traditional' adventure games.

"This illustrates that this is not merely another 'activity-based' film tie-in -- although it has elements of these -- but is primarily a fun-filled game, an ideal training ground for budding adventure game players. Parents be warned, after this your children may demand more 'hard core' adventures such as Monkey Island and you may lose control of your computer forever."

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