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ZOOM Microsoft
Combat Flight Simulator
WWII Europe Series
Sold Out (Win95/98/NT4.0) (Retail) (MSCOMBFSPR)



- Animated violence

The Closest You Can Get to Being a WWII Fighter Pilot

Go ahead, take a victory roll. Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator is the only product that combines Flight Simulator realism with air combat excitement. It features the same detailed attention to airplane physics and instrumentation as the award-winning Microsoft Flight Simulator. Experience the same unsurpassed level of realism and freedom of expandability - now combined with computer-controlled wingmen and enemies to recreate the legendary battles of WWII fighter pilots. Enlist with the Royal Air Force, the Luftwaffe, or the U.S. Army Air Force - and prepare to experience the most realistic air combat simulation ever to take flight.

Fly the Real Thing.
The realistic flight models, based on Flight Simulator, will challenge pilots to learn the different characteristics of each airplane. The performance of each aircraft has been tested and validated by WWII pilots, including pilots of the Ghost Squadron.

Realistic Landscapes.
The war-torn cityscapes of Berlin, London, and Paris are rendered in realistic detail. Spot, chase, and shoot down your enemies in deadly one-on-one dogfights over famous landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben.

Campaigns, Missions, Quick Combat, or Free Flight.
Choose your campaign: Battle of Britain or Battle Over Europe. Collect your orders and fly dozens of historically accurate missions involving air-to-air duels with enemy fighter planes and air-to-ground bombing raids. Jump into "Quick Combat" for fast action or go sightseeing around Western Europe in "Free Flight" mode.

Add More Aircraft, Missions, and Scenery.
Import thousands of planes from the Internet or bring your favorite scenery or aircraft from Microsoft Flight Simulator into Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator. Admire the city lights as you cruise above the Vegas Strip in your Spitfire, or shoot down a modern single propeller trainer over the city that never sleeps.

You Are in Control.
Strap on your flying goggles and sit in the hot seat of a genuinely recreated World War II airplane. Experience all the sights of air combat, complete with high-resolution 2-D instrument panels and 3-D virtual cockpits with functioning gauges.

Fly eight historically accurate planes

  • Hawker Hurricane Mk 1
  • Focke-Wulf Fw 190 AS
  • Supermarine Spitfire Mark IX
  • Republic P-47D Thunderbolt
  • Supermarine Spitfire Mark I
  • Messerschmitt Bf 109E
  • Messerschmitt Bf 109G
  • North American P-51D Mustang

Fight against computer-controlled planes such as the Ju87 Stuka, Heinkel 111, Junkers Ju 88, and Boeing B-17G. Or wage war against human opponents via modem, LAN, or the Internet.

Change the weather or the time of day - or go to a specific latitude and longitude just as you do in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Take advantage of accelerated graphics performance with support of Direct3D compatible cards and chips.

Choose from adjustable skill levels for novice and advanced pilots.

Get up to speed quickly with a fully illustrated, highly detailed manual with over 220 pages of valuable information.


Multimedia PC with a Pentium 133 or faster microprocessor, Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows 98 operating system or Microsoft Windows NT Workstation operating system version 4.0 with Service Pack 3, 16MB of RAM for Windows 95 or Windows 98, 32MB recommended, 32MB of RAM for Windows NT 4.0, 200 MB of available hard disk space, 230 MB recommended. 30 MB of available hard disk space for swap file, double speed CD-ROM drive, quad speed recommended, Super VGA 256 color monitor, 16 bit color monitor recommended, Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device, joystick or flight yoke recommended, Microsoft DirectSound 6.0 API compatible sound card with speakers or headphones for audio.

Optional: 3-D graphics accelerator card or chip compatible with Microsoft Direct3D version 6.0 API, MMX, microprocessor, force feedback peripherals compatible with Microsoft DirectX 6.0 API.

Requirements for multiplayer play: 28.8 Kbps or faster modem, local area network with TCP/IP or IPX protocol, or null-modem cable required for connection to other systems, Internet connection for Internet play.

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