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ZOOM Moon Tycoon
Sold Out (Win95/98/ME) (Retail Packaging) (MOONTYCPR)

Publisher: Legacy Interactive

Build a Lunar Colony in 3D

If you like Sim Games, you'll love Moon Tycoon! Moon Tycoon is the first ever Sim Strategy game that puts you in the 3D world you create and control. Complete camera control, day-night light cycles, 3D sound, and a fantastic sci-fi storyline take the Sim Strategy genre to the next level.

Colonize the Moon While Solving the Earth's Energy Crisis!

Mine the Moon's abundant resources, then venture beyond the stars. To be successful, you must build colonies, create industries, trade with Earth and alien races, and survive the perils and disasters of life in space!

Control all aspects of colony life - from construction and commerce, to colony morale. Balance your colony's need for water, oxygen, and electricty, while directing research programs and promoting tourism, industrial production, and trade! To keep you on your toes, disasters can randomly strike that will threaton everything. It's important to keep the colonists happy or your settlement will sink into debt and disrepair.

Get ready for challenged throughout the solar system.


Complete camera freedon - a fully immersive 3D gaming experience

Super realistic textures, dynamic lighting and 3D special effects including day and night lighting cycles

More than 60 fully 3D buildings - Space Apartments, Spaceports, Lunar Golf Courses, Biospheres and more.

4 customizable industries to control - Mininy, Manufacturing, Research and Tourism

16 disasters including Meteor Showers, Terrorist Attacks, Moonquakes, Ion Storms and more.

30 In depth missions within three challenging campaigns

Dozens of multi-national game characters and personalities

Dynamic surround sound, out of this world sound effects and your choice of Ambient of Techno soundtracks


In addition to the standard game, you may play unique campaign scenarios. In the campaigns, you'll follow challenging storylines, dealing with the Earth's energy crisis... and beyond!

There are 3 campaigns to play in Moon Tycoon, each with 10 missions of varied difficulty. The story will unfold through each mission, so later missions will not be available until prior missions are completed.

CAMPAIGN 1 - The World Energy Crisis is at hand! Scramble to the Moon in search of precious ore that will save mankind from global chaos and world war!

CAMPAIGN 2 - Competition heats up as corporations battle for dominant control of Lunar colonization. Struggle to survive the corporate rivalry as you survive the dangers of life in space!

CAMPAIGN 3 - New mysteries will unfold as mankind leaps forward into the next stage of space exploration on the asteroid belt past Mars.


Win95/98/ME: Pentium 200 MHz (300 MHz recommended), 32 MB RAM (64 MB RAM recommended), 700 MB free hard disk space, 4x CD-ROM drive (8x CD-ROM drive recommended), 8 MB video card with DirectX 7 compatible driver (16 MB video card recommended), Sound Card with DirectX7 compatible driver.


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