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ZOOM Monty Python's
Complete Waste of Time
Sold Out (Win95/98 Only!) (Jewel Case) (MONTEPYPJ)

This product is contained in Monty Python's Looney Bin

7th Level, Inc.



5 stars from Multimedia World

4/5 from the Adventure Collective

Solve the Secret to Intergalactic Success

"It's one of those annoyingly silly things that you can spend hours on to work out. And when you finally discover what it's all about, you realize you've wasted a great chunk of your life and can never get it back." - Terry Gilliam

Watching television can be bad for your health.Once in a decade there comes an interactive CD-ROM thingy so momentous that none dare miss it. So, while you're waiting for it to arrive, why not take a moment to try this CD-ROM thingy from Monty Python instead?

The Game

You'll face a series of gaming challenges on your quest to discover the secret to Intergalactic Success.

Collect clues and hints in every scene

Unlock the fiendishly complex master puzzle hidden deep within a secret dimension of the program

Earn a chance to win prizes

The Interactive Monty Python Show

Interact with entirely new comedy and animation created especially for this insidious product by the depraved minds who brought you the original BBC-TV series.

Watch your favorite highlights from the BBC-TV episodes, including: The Dead Parrot, The Cheese Shop, Nudge and The Argument Clinic.

Which one is the real Mr. Gumby? More than 30 classic sketches.

Test your skill with demented arcade-style games featuring flying pigs, hammer-wielding madwomen and flatulent chickens.

Explore six giant scenarios: the Exploratorium, the Corridor, the Exploring TV Room, the Portrait Gallery, the Stage and the Brain.

Celebrate the terpsichorean muse singing loudly and off-key to famous numbers such as the Lumberjack Song, The Money Song and Spam.

The Desktop Pythonizer (Windows 3.1 Only)

Finally, you can inject a reasonable character into your computer with the Desktop Pythonizer. This special deluxe CD-ROM version contains material not available on diskette version.

It's a complete customization kit:

Irk your colleagues with more than 20 interactive animated screen savers.

Add zest to tedious Windows events with "Noisy Bits", a collection of more than 40 classic dialogue lines and sound effects.

Rejuvenate your tired desktop icons with a profusion of policemen, Spam, chickens and other silly cartoon icons.

Proudly display splendid wallpaper featuring highlights from the original BBC-TV series.

Whack a head!Furthermore, the Desktop Pythonizer includes brand new, never-before-seen utterly innovative, totally unique features unparalleled in the entire universe:

Create instant custom wallpaper from any scene with Wallpaper Zapper.

Squander precious time playing Living Wallpaper games while your computer continues doing productive work in the background.

Let us harass and intimidate your callers with pre-recorded telephone messages featuring a range of antisocial and silly comments.

Infest your other Windows application with OLE-compatible animation.


IBM, Tandy or compatible 486 25 MHz or greater with a minimum of 4 MB RAM, 256-color display or better, mouse and CD-ROM drive, MPC compatible sound card and amplified speakers, DOS 3.3 with Windows 3.1 or later.


Multimedia World, December 1994.

"Monty Python's Complete Waste of Time is the best example I've seen of existing content being successfully adapted to multimedia."

Can you spot the loony in the Loonatorium?"Gilliam's animations dominate the CD-ROM, as it contains only a few hours of video. The result is less a retrospective of skits than a way to participate in the sketches themselves."

"Monty Python's Complete Waste of Time is a great multimedia title that will set standards, spawn imitators, and keep you laughing for a long time. It succeeds partially because of the quality of the content, but ultimately shines for the ability to improve on how that content was presented in the first place."

The Adventure Collective

"Story - You should really start this game by reading the manual. I know that most people don't even bother removing it from the box, but in this case you should read it. It's a Monty Python production in itself and that should be reason enough to make an effort to read the booklet. There isn't much of a storyline detailed in the manual, but just like the Monty Python sketches and movies, it is nevertheless great to experience. After the introduction you'll end up at a screen showing you a head with six brain lobes. Your goal is to solve each brain lobe in order to find the Secret to Intergalactic Success. The lobes have to be solved in a certain order starting from the Loonatorium. All directions on what to do next will be given to you to by the "Spot the Loony" announcer voiced by Eric Idle himself. Beware however, this is a Monty Python game. Don't believe everything this guy tells you!"

Remember the famous dead parrot sketch?"There are a lot of new materials provided by the original Monty Python cast that is in the game, including new animations by Terry Gilliam and new voiceover by Idle. There are about 30 film snippets of famous scenes from the Monty Python's Flying Circus episodes. They're all of extremely good quality, both in sound and in video..."

"Verdict - Monty Python's Complete Waste of Time is indeed a great waste of time, but for all the good reasons. One can just sit in front of the computer for hours and watch Monty Python sketches, listen to Monty Python sound snippets and see Gilliam's really silly animations. I recommend this game to every Monty Python lover and anyone else who likes humor and is looking for a good laugh. However, this game won't run properly in Windows 95, 98 or NT, but this oversight is only a minor flaw in an otherwise excellent title. If you buy this game, you're in for a complete Monty Python immersion. Know what I mean? Nudge-nudge! Say no more."

Copyright © 1993-2001, Inc.