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ZOOM Monster Truck Madness
Sold Out (Win95/98/Me/XP) (Jewel Case) (MONTRUCKPJ)




8 out of 10 from Computer Player

Down & Dirty Racing!

Get ready for ferocious, heart-pumping action on the wild side of the racing world. Monster Truck Madness puts you behind the wheel of the most thunderously untamed, radical machines ever to take up racing.

Stand on the accelerator as you roar into the turn. In a high speed, jumping, rolling battle of horsepower and raw nerve, you have to kick both into overdrive when the competition is breathing down your tailpipe.

You're behind the wheel of a screaming monster. All the wild tracks, tumbling action, and racing realism play out in amazing 3-D. And, if your friends are game, you can race them over modem, local area network, or the Internet.

From the race track to the garage, you're in charge. Choose the type of racing and your favorite truck, then get that bad boy tuned just right to compete. It's the fastest, easiest way to get that monster on the track and racing. You better hurry, the next round of bone-jarring, dirt-kicking action is set to start.

3 skill levels - rookie to professional - and 3 types of racing - rally, drag, and circuit - keep the action hot and the challenge real.

More than 12 tracks, each with a different terrain including off-road mud, sand, and water.

Pro tips and videos to give you the competitive edge.

Your choice of fantastic viewing angles: from behind the wheel of a competitor's rig, or the blimp overhead - even from a race cam that automatically picks the best angles.

Relive the spectacular racing moments with instant replays.

Requirements: Multimedia PC with a Pentium processor, Microsoft Windows 95 or higher, 8 MB of memory (12 MB recommended), hard-disk space required: 20MB compact, 100 MB typical, double speed or faster CD-ROM drive, Super VGA, 256 color monitor, Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device, joystick or compatible device (race car controller optional), sound board with speakers of headphones, Hayes compatible modem (14,400 baud for head-to-head play, 9600 baud for connection to the Monster Truck Web Stop site).

Runs OK on Windows XP using Windows 95 compatibility mode with 256 colors.


Computer Player, December 1996

"Monster Truck Madness is accessible to a variety of audiences. The options allow the toggling of the graphics level, the interface and the difficulty level. At easy settings, trucks have lower maximum speeds and turn as if on rails. Difficult settings allow more realistic truck performance. At higher speeds, the user must learn discipline and restraint in driving. Opponents are smarter at difficult levels and will use shortcuts they would have otherwise ignored. In a melee, opposing trucks will sometimes team up to block you."

"This title realistically depicts the rough-and-tumble world of monster trucks. A variety of trucks and terrains keeps the action interesting, and players can change settings for the graphics, interface and difficulty level. The game lacks a few elements that would have made it even better. But ultimately, it's hard to dislike a game that lets you drive outrageous trucks that spend as much time in the air as they do on the ground."

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