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ZOOM Monopoly Tycoon
$19.95 (Win95/98/Me/XP) (Retail) (MONOPTYCPR)

Publisher: Infogrames


from Computing with Kids

8.2 from IGN


Build the Empire of Your Dreams

Create a business empire from Baltic Avenue to Boardwalk - one business at a time. It's all the risk taking and deal making of the Monopoly game and so much more! Get to know the city, its inhabitants and discover profitable business opportunities. Create businesses, attract the most customers and generate the cash you need. Compete for control of entire industries and city districts. With opportunities and pitfalls at every corner, it's up to you to outmaneuver up to 5 other would-be tycoons determined on bankrupting you.

Monopoly Tycoon uniquely combines the addictive elements of the most popular simulation games, strategy games, and of course the Monopoly game! Choose which businesses are built and where. Build your profits and increase your control in real time, in a crushingly competitive, living city. You won't want to stop until you own it all!

Features and Activities:

  • Wheel and deal from the 1930s to the present day
  • Check up on businesses day or night
  • Outbid and outwit competitors at property auctions
  • Carry out cost-cutting measures by purchasing utilities
  • Play online with up to 5 other players via LAN or modem
  • Fun and addictive action with limitless replayability

Identify: the needs of the citizens. Strategically exploit lucrative business opportunities.

Manage: your business. Find ways to attract the most customers to generate cash and fuel your growing empire.

Build: from the ground up. Choose the style, size, location and type of over 44 different businesses to operate.

Watch your empire take shape. See your businesses come to life and strategies unfold.

Compete in real time. Outbid and outmaneuver up to five competing tycoons in a nonstop battle for control.


Win95/98/Me/XP: Pentium 233 MHz or higher (PII 266 MHz recommended), 64 MB RAM, 90 MB free hard disk space (200 MB free hard disk space recommended), 4x CD-ROM drive (8x CD-ROM drive recommended), 8 MB Windows 95/98/ME/XP compatible video card (16 MB Direct3D compatible video card recommended), sound card.


IGN by Steve Butts

"Anyone expecting to open up the box and enjoy a nice traditional game of Monopoly will be pleasantly disappointed. The game that taught all of us the value of unfettered, unquenchable greed has undergone a few changes. And we're not just talking about the real-time focus and the total lack of dice -- this Tycoon-ized version of Monopoly is much more about real entrepreneurship. Like all good capitalists, you and your opponents will grow fat exploiting the aimless mob that lives and works within Atlantic City. You'll need to provide them with houses and shops where they can drop their money in your coffers with great convenience."

"More interesting are the mayoral race scenarios where you've got to maintain a positive cash flow while also cultivating the love of the people. If you get enough votes, you can kick back and watch the kickbacks roll on in. An elimination mode is also included for the truly hardcore economic Darwinists. The least popular player is eliminated at the end of each day..."

Computing with Kids by Jinny Gudmundsen

"But this simulation goes far beyond the business strategies used in the board game. Players decide what kind of business to develop, and they manage those businesses in terms of rents, prices, and inventory amounts. They can research business decisions by polling the “sims” that populate this virtual world. Play can become quite competitive as monopolies appear and price-cutting occurs."

"...attaining the coveted “tycoon” mantle can be quite a challenge in this cutthroat economic simulation, and thus it is skewed toward older children (12-up). Testers swear it is better than the board game!"


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