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Monaco Grand Prix
Racing Simulation 2
$19.95 (Win95/98) (Retail) (MONACOGPPR)

3D Video Card Required

UbiSoft Entertainment


ESRB Rating: Everyone

Difficulty: Intermediate


4 stars from Computer Gaming World

8 from PC Accelerator

Live the Dream of the Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco is the most legendary race of all. It's a challenge taken up every year by the best racing drivers in the world. The race has been masterfully organized by the Automobile Club of Monaco since it was formed in 1929.

Maximum speed: 270 kph. An average speed of more than 140 kph to cover just over 3 kilometers between manhole covers, pavements, barriers and walls.

And there are no escape routes. Only the best drivers win at Monaco to earn a page in the history of this legendary race.

St. Dévote. At 140 kph between barriers and pavements...The cars waiting on the grid stretch the length of the slightly curved straight that runs in front of the pit wall. The engines roar as the drivers keep their eyes riveted on the 5 red lights suspended above the starting line. With 22 cars in rows of five, their engines roaring, the track looks ridiculously small and narrow - an effect accentuated by the funnel-shaped St Dévote corner in the distance. It's obvious that there won't be enough room for everyone. When the last light goes out, more than 15,000 horsepower screams in unison towards that first right-hand bend.

Key Features:

Optimized competitor artificial intelligence:
21 drivers with their own driving styles

Exhilarating realism inside the car's cockpit:
the 3D physics model is based on the fundamental principles of dynamics.

Force feedback effect

Quick start or begin with your personal car setup, the choice is yours.

Includes all 17 tracks of the championship


Windows 95/98, Pentium 166, 24 Mb RAM, 4 MB 3D card, Direct X6, 16-bit sound card, CD-ROM drive quad speed or more.

Recommended: Pentium 200, 4MB 3D card, 32 Mb RAM.

3D Graphics Card: compatible with most of Microsoft Direct 3D 4Mb compatible graphics cards, Glide native support for 3DFX cards, optimized Voodoo2.


Computer Gaming World, May 1999

"When Ubi Soft unveiled its F1 Racing Simulation last year, it took Formula 1 racing further down this road than any other previous title had..."

"And now, less than a year later, comes the inevitable F1 sequel, Monaco Grand Prix Racing Simulation 2. What new surprises does Ubi have in store for us this year? The answer is, unfortunately, not much, though that's not to say that this is a bad game. Hell, it's a great game - as long as you don't already own F1, that is."

"As a matter of fact, Monaco like its predecessor, is miserably difficult when all driver's aids have been deactivated. It's great, then, that the game's four levels of difficulty, realism, and AI aggression are augmented even further with a copious quantity of assists such as antiskid, antispin, ABS, and steering help, making Monaco a rigorous yet approachable environment for everyone from first-timer to veteran..."

  • Appeal: Anyone who wanted the first F1 game but didn't buy it. Anyone who's waiting patiently for the next Geoff Crammond F1 sim. Anyone who's into open-wheeled simulations and/or high-end racing graphics.
  • Pros: Amazing weather effects and wonderful graphics; complex driving model, startling AI collision avoidance, big garage, and lots of options; career mode, driver name customization; and a small but effective retro mode.
  • Cons: Shoddy crash modeling; annoying track reloading procedure; strange announcer; not enough upgrades from F1 Racing Simulation.

PC Accelerator, January 1999

"...just like F1 Racing Simulation before it - MGPRS2 is a cutting-edge racing sim that still blows most other PC racers right off the track. Ubi Soft may not have anted up the money needed to obtain the proper F1 licensing with this new version, but it's still managed to crank out a first-rete racing simulator that offers all the visual splendor of the original with an improved driving model and even deeper gameplay. (And, OK, the names and car textures are all editable from within the game if you feel like nerdishly pursuing that option.)"

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