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ZOOM Mob Rule
$14.95 (Win95/98) (Retail) (MOBRULEPR)

Publisher: Studio 3 / Simon & Schuster


ESRB Rating: Teen (13+) - Animated blood and gore, mature sexual themes, and comic mischief

Mob Rule Is Not Your Father's Monopoly Game

Welcome to 1930's America. Thanks in a large part to Prohibition, organized crime is on the rise and a number of criminal families are fighting for national control of the illicit markets - booze, prostitution, numbers, you name it - it's all sprouting up like weeds through Johnny Law's clenched fist.

Real Time Strategy - with Simulation Play

Here is a real time strategy game that simulates an underworld grab for power, wealth and real estate. You start off small as a local thug. You've got just enough assets (property, cash and workers) to build a soup kitchen. Choose a tenant and start working the hood. You'll need more workers. In time you can transform workers into "thugs." Play your cards right and you can drive away your competition and move up the food-chain. From factories and flop houses to strip parlors and porn houses you build your fiefdom block-by-block - body-by-body. With a different understanding of the term equal-opportunity employer, you'll conscript a loyal work force of tenants, workers, thugs, repairmen, gangsters and fixers - each with their own particular skill set. To dominate your local hood you'll need to fix things with the cops, make the right pay-offs and keep the competition at bay. Your quest for total criminal control will take you through 5 cities - from the jerk water 'burb of Hickstown to the Mecca of Organized Crime, Capital city.

Your quest for dominance is a block-by-block turf war against rival families and the Government. It'll be a long-haul comprised of bloody street wars with rival gangs, shakedowns by the cops, and payola up the ying yang - but if you grease the right palms and take out the right garbage, you'll walk away with a cut of EVERY illegal activity in the nation. Screw up - and you sleep with the fishes!

The Godfather Helps Those Who Help Themselves!

Over 40 unique & upgradable buildings, from Saloons to Nightclubs to Brothels

Three troops - Thugs, Repairmen and Gangsters - to realize your vision of criminal conquest

"Undesirables" ranging from ghosts to pool hall Hoodlums to chase your enemies out of their buildings and businesses

Ten quirky Tenants to run your businesses

Multiple resources - from Cement Works, Brick Factories and Steel Foundries to Gadget Factories - to manage and use in the construction of your evil empire.

5 Cities Just Waiting for Your Corrupt Touch!

A tiny backwater 'burb with nary an illegal still... until you arrive on the scene.

Cripple's Bend:
It's a snowed-out wasteland just waiting for someone to expose it's penchant for corruption.

Rangoon Rumpus:
A decently-sized city composed principally of slums, your work here is halfway done when you arrive... can you complete it?

Dead Dog Ditch:
Don't be barking up the wrong tree in this seemingly comatose community.

Capital City:
The Mother Lode. Overrun with powerful, rival families, Chicago is your ultimate proving ground. If your business acumen and paranoid tendencies are JUST right, you'll walk away holding the leash of the North American Cosa Nostra.


Windows 95/98: Pentium 166 processor or higher (P266 recommended), 16 MB RAM (32 MB recommended), 2 MB PC graphics card, 4x CD-ROM drive (8x recommended), 50 MB of free hard drive space (400 MB recommended), Soundblaster or 100% compatible sound card with Direct X support, Microsoft compatible mouse.

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