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ZOOM Millennium Auction
$18.95 (Windows 3.1 Only) (Retail) (MILLAUCTPR)




3 stars from Computer Gaming World

Welcome to the world body auction house... As one of an elite group of authorized bidders, you'll compete for ownership of the world's most coveted objects and greatest works of art - from priceless Van Goghs to former President Clinton's saxophone dating way back to his 1992 campaign.

Match your wits against the world's most wily and colorful collectors! Intelligence and steady nerves are not the only skills you'll need to outsmart the other bidders. In this future world of matchless beauty and international intrigue, success goes to the bidder who combines the sleuthing skills of a detective, the keen eye of a master forger, and the financial genius of an international banker.


Beautifully rendered, hyper-realistic 3D world and characters.

Outstanding theatrical production techniques, sound effects, music & full motion video.

Magnificent full screen images of over 135 treasures (pop culture objects and works of art) with fascinating catalogue descriptions.

High degree of replayability - new treasures, alternate world events, and a different outcome every time.

Fast moving, competitive drama and excitement of the auction room.

Multiple levels of exploration - Only you can decide how deep you will delve into the WORLD BODY AUCTION HOUSE to gather the information you need to outsmart other bidders.

Context-sensitive audio help.

For 1 to 4 players.

Requirements: 33MHz 386 or higher MPC system, Windows 3.1, 4MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, MPC compliant sound card, Super VGA (640x480; 256 colors), 10 MB free hard disk space. Recommended: 8MB RAM; Double-speed CD-ROM.


Computer Gaming World, October 1994

"Auction is a light-hearted strategy exercise whose play is very nearly eclipsed by its multimedia presentation. The program features extensive use of video clips, 3D animated modeling, still photos, digitized voices, and classical and neoclassical music. The game takes place in a hypothetical 21st century in which many of the catastrophes we had fervently hoped would go away have actually happened."

"To participate, you must first choose a character from a multi-racial, international group of strongly motivated and highly successful entrepreneurs. Each character is accompanied by a brief description and a dossier with interviews, newspaper and magazine clippings. As far as game play is concerned, this material becomes more valuable when you wish to stud your computer controlled opponents than when choosing your own character. The sensuous tones of Nuria the narrator guide you through each step of the selection and registration process. She also provides a generous quantity of on-line audio help. Up to four live players may participate in AUCTION, provided they are able to crowd around a single keyboard."

CD-ROM World, September 1994

"Eidolon, the New York-based developer of Millennium Auction, set an ambitious goal for itself when it decided to create a nonviolent game that adults (targeted for the 18 to 55 crowd) would find appealing and want to play repeatedly. This is the company's first attempt at "intellitainment", as it likes to call it.

Millennium Auction presents a non-linear story in which players are art traders in a 3-D rendered environment."

"A game based on buying and selling art must have quality artwork, and Millennium Auction doesn't disappoint. Besides the authentic masterpieces that go on the auction block, the game itself has beautiful, often surprising 3-D graphics and work. (Eidolon has won awards for its 3-D work.)"

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