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ZOOM MiG Alley
Sold Out (Win95/98 Only) (Retail/Manual on CD) (MIGALLEYPR)

Publisher: Rowan Software / Empire Interactive / Xplosiv


ESRB Rating: Everyone - Animated violence

Intruction Manual provided on CD


from the Adrenaline Vault

The Korean War: 1950

With closing attack speeds of up to 1,000 mph and without the luxury of modern radar-guided missiles, get up close to the enemy and wait until you see the whites of his eyes before consigning him to oblivion. Take control of 5 totally authentic 1950's fighters and bombers, from the agile Russian MiG 15, to the awesome American F86 Sabre. MiG Alley takes you to the very heart of the bloody Korean conflict with mini campaigns to full scale offensives, as well as a fully dynamic battle system. The entire ground offensive push depends on your prowess in the air. One of the fastest, most graphic, action-packed historical flight sims around, MiG Alley is a battle of tactics, skill and, above all, nerve.


  • Rowan Software's new, advanced engine
  • Interactive forward air controller
  • Gun camera replay
  • Authentic flight dynamics including the idiosyncratic behavior of 1950s jets
  • 8 player head-to-head network and internet play
  • 16 different authentic aircraft. Over 150 in the skies at any one time
  • Realistic damage to aircraft is visually displayed
  • Informative radio chatter
  • Customize your own aircraft nose art in the paint shop
  • Undercarriage type and leg suspension respond realistically to terrain geometry
  • Scaleable involvement lets you take part in dogfights or manage the entire UN offensive
  • Stunning 3D terrain, featuring the oceans, mountains, valleys and lush forestation of the Korean peninsula
  • Real Dynamic Campaigning means your actions directly influence the UN ground war
  • Weather generation and varying atmospheric conditions
  • Incredibly complex enemy AI routines.


Minimum: Windows 95/98 Only, Pentium 166MHz with 800x600 16 bit color desktop display (optional: 100% compatible DirectX supported D3D graphics ward with 4MB), 32MB free system RAM, 400 MB free hard disk space, DirectX 6 supported soundcard, 6x speed CD-ROM, keyboard, mouse, joystick. Does not work on Windows XP. Manual is on CD!

Recommended: Windows 95/98, Pentium II with 1024x768 16 bit color desktop display or better, 32MB free system RAM, DirectX 6 supported D3D graphics card with 12MB RAM or over, 400MB free hard disk space, DirectX 6 supported soundcard, 12x speed CD-ROM drive, keyboard, mouse, joystick. Supported: Microsoft Direct Input and Force Feedback devices.

Multi-Player Game: Network/Internet (2-8 PCs, 1 CD per player) IPX or TCP/IP compliant network, Internet play requires 28.8 Kbps modem or faster connection. Direct Modem - (2 PCs, 1 CD per player), Windows 95/98 supported 28.8 Kbps modem. Direct Serial Link (2 PCs, 1 CD per player and serial cable.


The Adrenaline Vault by Chris Harding

"...The diversity and attention to detail of each flight model is what impressed me first. Within minutes of my inaugural experience with the F86 Sabre, I felt as though I understood what pilots actually flying one of the first jet fighters in history must have gone through. It felt a little like driving a stock car or a really powerful muscle car. The engines were like caged beasts fighting to get out, and with only a few nuts and bolts binding together thin sheets of metal, the overwhelming feeling you get as the pilot is that the plane could burst apart at any moment."

"...There's no getting around the fact that Empire's latest foray into air war is a sophisticated one. It's complex, has a steep learning curve, and requires a gamer with the patience to learn its ins and outs. That said, MiG Alley's flight model is fully scalable, and its difficulty settings are powerful enough that most newcomers will be able to find a measure of success. While MiG Alley may not be the best choice for simulation initiates, it's still the best product of its type to come along in ages."

"Having been completely enthralled with MiG Alley for some time, it's easy to get lost in its deeply involving gameplay. The standard missions are pure fun, and the campaigns are completely captivating. The action is full of realism, and will impress even the most astute flight sim jockey. Furthermore, for newcomers and flight sim enthusiasts not keen on having to have an aeronautics degree to have fun, MiG Alley also has a ton of interface tools that make flying and fighting more fun than ever before."

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