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ZOOM Middle School Advantage 2000
Sold Out (Win95/98) (Retail) (MIDADVDPR)

Publisher: Encore Software


Grades: 6 to 8
Ages: 11 and up

Master 10 Core Subjects on 7 CD-ROMs

Discover how an airplane flies. Take a journey with Tom Sawyer. Attend the fall of Rome. The engaging multimedia and one-on-one attention of these interactive tutors will save valuable study time and dramatically improve grades. No other Middle School Learning Center delivers better results.

Middle School Advantage 2000 Includes:

  • Hundreds of videos, animations & photos
  • Amazing 3D visuals
  • Challenging interactive activities
  • Thousands of step-by-step lessons

Master 10 Core Subjects on 7 CD-ROMs:

  • Principles of Science - Learn how 150 fascinating machines work
  • Animal Science - Experience wild animals in their habitats
  • History - Witness mankind's greatest events
  • Geography - Roam the world and meet its peoples
  • Reading - Expand your imagination and your reading skills
  • Grammar - Journey through the exciting world of grammar
  • Typing - Excel at typing with speed and accuracy
  • Pre-Algebra - Master basic math skills easily
  • Algebra - Discover powerful problem-solving strategies
  • Geometry - Explore the math behind basic shapes

Principles of Science

LEARN how machines work and explore the science behind the technology.

  • 1,000 illustrations, 200 animations
  • More than 150 exciting machines and 27 videos
  • Great inventors from 7000 BC to the present
  • "Warehouse of Inventions"

The Way Things Work 2.0 from DK Multimedia

Animal Science

EXPERIENCE the exotic sights and sounds of animals at home in their wild habitats.

  • Over 700 species - cheetahs, alligators, toucans and more
  • Incredible time-lapse animations
  • Nine 3D globes let you zoom in and out

ABC's Wide World of Animals from Creative Wonders


WITNESS the rise and fall of the world's greatest civilizations!

  • 4 million years of human history
  • 15,000 lively news articles
  • 3,000 pictures plus 50 animations & films
  • Powerful search and index feature
  • 12 special "History in the Making" articles

Chronicle Encyclopedia of History from DK Multimedia


ROAM the globe by clicking on a country and learning all about its culture & peoples.

  • 3D rotating glove with 9 levels of detail
  • Over 200 maps of major cities
  • Thousands of satellite and 3D images
  • Time-lapse exhibits show continental drift, ozone depletion & more

Compton's 3D World Atlas Deluxe from The Learning Company


EXPAND your reading skills as you tag along with Huck Finn and hundreds of other memorable characters.

  • Over 2,000 great works
  • Novels, plays, fables & short stories
  • 247 specially commissioned author biographies
  • Fun, fully-animated interface

Classic Library 2000 from Andromeda


JOURNEY through the exciting world of grammar from simple sentences to complex clauses.

  • Nine detailed chapters with over 40 lessons
  • Friendly explanations and clear examples
  • Unit quizzes with progress tracking
  • Engaging interactive exercises

Super Tutor Grammar from the Super Tutor Company


EXCEL at typing with these proven "keys" to success.

  • Customized lessons fit your needs
  • 6 great arcade-style games help improve your skills
  • Colorful charts give feedback on words-per-minute & accuracy
  • Select your own background music & sounds

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 5 from Mindscape


Master basic math skills with this exciting interactive tutorial.

  • 34 topics from Place Value to Fractions
  • Lesson Notes & Glossary for easy reference
  • Progress reports chart your improvement
  • Motivational "Why Math?" video explains how math affects your everyday life


DISCOVER powerful problem-solving strategies through exciting activities.

  • 30 topics from real Numbers to Linear Equations
  • Interactive Math Lab with problem-solving tools
  • Exciting Real-World Math Challenges
  • User-controlled navigation for self-paced study


EXPLORE the math behind basic shapes and enjoy fun visualization games.

  • 54 topics from Parallel Lines to Pyramids
  • 100's of challenging practice problems
  • Exciting narration and dozens of interactive examples
  • Math "workouts" build mental muscle

Bonus! Full Version Interactive Encyclopedia

Learn everything about ... well, anything with this comprehensive multimedia encyclopedia. Over 38,000 articles plus a dictionary, thesaurus, timeline and more.

Compton's Encyclopedia 1998 from The Learning Company


Windows 95, Pentium or greater, 16 MB RAM, 41 MB free hard disk space, SVGA graphics 800x600 with 256 colors, SoundBlaster compatible sound card, 4x CD-ROM, and mouse. Optional: Internet access.

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