MicroMachines 2 Turbo Tournament

MicroMachines 2 Turbo Tournament - Codemasters - Retail - DOS - Sold Out

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The only game to be awarded 100% gameplay rating from Gamesmaster magazine. That was the mega drive version - now here's the enhanced, feature packed PC version.

You get the game and a complete full blown Construction Kit. Design your own hazard packed tracks. New rules! You want it - you got it. It's the most challenging, vicious, tyre screaming race game ever.

Up to four of you can burn rubber over 50 chaotic race tracks, driving 17 different air, land, and sea vehicles through all kinds of weather conditions throughout the minature world of Micro Machines.

CD music

100% sampled soundtrack including pumping music and screaming sound FX

Variety of 1 player game types - Challenge, Head to Head, League and Time Trials

Time Trials with full save of your best records Race Stats saved to disk

Very fast and smooth motion

Multi-player simulation

Up to 4 players on 1 PC in any combination: 1-2 players on joypad/s 1-3 players on the keyboard

Up to 16 player knowckout tournament for the ultimate multi-player exeprience

Do it yourself:

Edit your own tracks and layouts

Yes! Create new vehicles!

Customise vehicle and weather attributes

Easy save to floppy disk feature - give your newly created tracks to your friends

Includes 3 sample courses (5 on CD version)

Requirements: 386 SX 25MHz PC or compatible, 4MB RAM, 15MB hard disk, VGA graphics card, CD ROM drive. Supports: Soundblaster and 100% compatibles, Gravis Ultrasounds. Joypad or Keyboard play.

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