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ZOOM Mickey Saves the Day
3D Adventure
$14.95 (Win95/98/Me) (Retail) (MICKEYADPR)

Publisher: Disney

Ages 4 to 8


B from Just Adventure

Mickey Saves the Day

It's Mickey to the rescue in Disney's Mickey Saves the Day 3D Adventure! Control 3D characters and explore 25 different Hometown locations.


  • Play as Mickey or Minnie
  • Explore over 25 fun-packed locations in Mickey's hometown
  • Learn about cooperation, teamwork and the environment
  • Search for clues in hundreds of clickable animations
  • Adjust skill level to challenge all players

Four Adventures to Entertain:

Traffic Jam: Retrieve Donald's possessions by crossing a grid locked freeway running through the center of his house.

Sandwich Hero: Hungry? Help Mickey or Minnie prepare a sandwich. But be prepared - ingredients are hurled by the automatic sandwich making machine and various angles.

Von Drake's Lab: Collect the parts Von Drake needs to complete his flying machine, then complete your mission to rescue Minnie (or Mickey).

Minnie's House: Keep Mickey and Minnie's hometown clean while searching for clues in over 25 fun-packed locations.


Windows 95/98/Me: Pentium 233 or faster, 8X CD-ROM drive, 32 MB RAM, 100 MB free hard disk space, 16 bit DirectX compatible sound card, SVGA monitor, 640x480 16bit color DirectX compatible 2MB color video card, Quicktime 4.1.2.

Macintosh: System 8.5 through 9.x, G3 processor, 233 MHz or faster, 32 MB RAM, 100 MB free hard disk space, 8x CD-ROM drive, thousands or millions of colors video display.


Just Adventure by Jacob and Randy Sluganski

"Mickey Saves the Day is a 3D adventure for youngsters ages 4 to 8. While Jacob and I were both a few years over the age requirement, we still managed to enjoy our day out with Mickey.

"Big Bad Pete has stolen the town treasury and kidnaped the mayor, and now it is up to Mickey and Minnie to save the day. There is an option to play as either Mickey or Minnie, and many of your Disney friends--Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto--are on hand to help. Your mouse is used to navigate the characters, and there is an option to play an Easy or Not So Easy Game."

"Made for young attention spans, Mickey Saves the Day is an enjoyable diversion that encourages teamwork and offers subtle encouragement as it makes learning painless. Splendid graphics, wonderful sound effects, and instantly recognizable voices all combine to present a solid, entertaining product."

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