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ZOOM Metal & Lace
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Megatech Software


The Battle of the Robo Babes

Looking for a game to play? Something fun and exciting yet sexier than munching dots or pudgy little painters? Look no further.

Our gorgeous Robo Babes are expecting you!! You can find them on MeCHa Island soaking up the tropical sunshine. They'll give you a welcome you won't soon forget. So limber up those fingers and see and hear what no other action game dares to offer.

Strapped in Robo armor and loaded with special weapons, our talking Robo Babes will have you gripping your joystick and widdling the gimbal all night long.

Yeah. An action game like nothing you've ever played before. Metal & Lace, comes packed with speed and action to challenge the player in you, and includes the first ever action-game plot to entertain you.

Anime Art

Metal & Lace graphics are drawn by established Anime artists in Japan. Our Anime girls are wonderfully fresh and unique - sporting flashy eyes, fine noses and spunky hair colors. You'll be dazzled by high-resolution Anime graphics especially those during the sexier moments of play. And with a sound board, you'll be rockin' to our hi-fi stereo cuts and be right in the middle of the action - Robo Babes' sexy voices and authentic sound effects.

Metal & Lace is a peerless arcade-style game. It contains violence and sexy graphics. However the violent action is strictly limited to fighting scenes.

Requirements: IBM compatible 386 or faster, VGA, DOS 3.3 or higher, 640K RAM and hard disk required, kyeboard, Thrust Master or IBm compatible joystick, Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster Pro, Thunder Board, Pro Audio Spectrum, Sound Master, Adlib, and Adlib Gold.

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