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ZOOM MegaRace
$4.95 (DOS) (In Sleeve) (MEAGARACEPO)

Software Toolworks (Mindscape)


In This Future, Speed That Kills Isn't Enough!

You've got to fight to finish. It's the incredibly stunning visual communications highway of the future, and you're the star of Virtual World Broadcast TV's hit show - MegaRace - with an audience that's out for blood. To keep ratings up (the meaner you are, the higher they get), you're pitted against five of the nastiest drivers ever to take a wheel in a wild virtual race to the finish...yours...or theirs.

Beware. This is way beyond what you'd expect. This race is so full of sound and fury, so graphic, so totally real, that you'll squirm in your seat as you squeal around futuristic 3-D cities in custom war wagons loaded with weapons. You'll have so much fun so fast, it'll make your head spin. Remember, your life depends on three things: speed, cunning and aggression. And you're going to need them all.

It's impossible to avoid tricky scum like Hammerhead and King Kool as their gangs try to take you out. But if you knock them off first you can grab their guns and get going on the ride of your life. It's do...or die.

You haven't seen anything like MegaRace, because there's never been anything like MegaRace. Strap yourself into this brave new world of battle racing...and take it to the limit!

When you see it, you'll barely believe it.

Over 20 minutes of digitized video commentary by MegaRace host...Lance Boyle!

15 fully-rendered track environments featuring mind-blowing details.

Hot music soundtrack with a bad, bad beat.

Supercharged real-time racing action, wimps need not apply!

Weaponry that would make the rowdiest, weapon-rigged road warrior drool with envy.

Virtual vehicular vigilante-ism at its best!!!

Requirements: IBM PC or compatible 386 33-MHz or faster (486 recommended), 2MB or more of memory (4MB recommended), MS-DOS 5.0 or higher, MCGA or VGA (256 color) graphics card, CD-ROM drive 150 KB/second transfer rate minimum (double-speed recommended), sound card (Sound Blaster, Ad-Lib, Pro Audio Spectrum or compatibles)), mouse and joystick supported.

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