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ZOOM MechWarrior 2 Mercenaries
$4.95 (DOS/Win95) (Just the CD) (MECHMERCPO)




A- from PC Games

8 out of 10 from Computer Player

The All-New Sequel to Mech Warrior 2

You are a mercenary. Caught in a brutal war between two rival houses of the Inner Sphere. Honor and glory have yielded to betrayal and greed. Now a combat-hardened warrior, your quest leads you to pilot your 'Mech into darker, more desperate realms of the universe. Where victory means nothing...and power, fame and the almighty C-Bill mean everything.

Unlimited Gameplay. Battle in over 30 Inner Sphere missions as you accumulate C-Bills to build an elite mercenary squad for the ultimate battle to save Terra. Or play unlimited random missions for all-out mercenary combat.

Money-Making Battles. Earn money and manage your 'Mechs, ammo, repairs and contracts. Salvage enemy kills from the field...and steal what you can't buy. Spend your C-Bills wisely or die.

Realistic Combat Effects. Smoking missiles, burning ruins, smoldering shrapnel and realistic damage create state-of-the-art battle physics. Amazing sound effects and original music compositions complete the action.

New Graphics Engine. Dazzling cinematics, stunning graphics and enhanced texture-mapped environments provide immersive game satisfaction.

Wage War on the Internet! New multiplayer MercNet is ready for Internet play! Players can battle over the Internet or a LAN in 15 new missions. Or compete head-to-head via modem.

Requirements: 100% IBM PC-compatible computer, doubles speed CD-ROM drive (300K/sec sustained transfer rate), 62 MB of uncompressed hard disk space, VESA Local Bus (VLB) or PCI video card, 256 color SVGA (640x480), 100% Microsoft-compatible mouse and driver, 100% Sound Blaster compatible sound card, joystick (optional), dedicated game card (optional, but highly recommended for joystick).

Additional requirements for MS-DOS: Microsoft MS-DOS 6.22 operating system, Intel 486 DX2/66 MHz processor (recommend Pentium for enhanced features and performance), 8 MB RAM.

Additional requirements for Windows 95: a 100% Windows 95 compatible computer system (including 32-bit Windows 95 compatible drivers for CD-ROM drive, video card, sound card and input devices), Microsoft Windows 95 operating system, Pentium 75 MHz computer, 16MB RAM, 100% Windows 95 compatible input device (optional).

Additional Requirements for MercNet for MS-DOS: One of the following: Novell Network, Novell-compatible IPX network, 100% Hayes/MS-DOS compatible modem (9600 bps for head-to-head play, 14,400 bps is recommended), Null-modem cable and serial port with 16550 UART, Internet play - 14,400 bps modem, MS-DOS packet driver and Internet service provider.


PCGames, December 1996

"Also, MW2 veterans will notice the cosmetic upgrades immediately. Gone are the flat textures and sparse game environs - they've been replaced with texture-mapped terrain, Mechs, and buildings. Some impressive light-shading has also been added, allowing for spectacular sights in battle: the way the terrain lights up with energy-weapon fire; the missile trails; the manner in which light reflects off a Mech's armor. Enemy Mechs explode in pleasing arrays of smoldering shrapnel.

"Better yet, once MW2 veterans dig a little beneath Mercenaries' much-welcome facelift, they'll find the weapons and AI have received a significant overhaul as well."

"Any downsides about Mercs? Because it is built with the same game engine as MW2, it still has some of the same problems. Clipping remains a big thorn in the game's side. Enemy Mercs will often be able to shoot through what are supposed to be solid objects - hills, buildings, etc. - and actually hit you. And occasionally, a Mech you think is standing right in front of you is really on the other side of a building. This is an annoying flaw, but not a deal-breaker. Also, with all its bells and whistles turned on, Mercenaries will demand the most out of your PC's processing power.

"But the AI enhancements alone make Mercenaries a must-own for MW2 veterans. The breadth of gameplay options and variety make it a must-try for Mech newbies."

Computer Player, December 1996

"In antithesis to the film, 'Back to the Future', MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries rockets forward to the past, a prequel to the original MechWarrior 2, and preceding its events by 18 years, Mercenaries propels the player into a fierce conflict between two rival houses of the Inner Sphere - no clan loyalty; it's strictly sale to the highest bidder."

"From the standpoint of gameplay, you can assume economic management responsibilities as a Mech Commander, hire yourself out as a Mercenary or just slip into the pilot's seat for some Instant Action. Each offers its own rewards, but Commander and Mercenary are more satisfying and follow the game's storyline."

"Though you could tackle each mission by blasting away with little regard for the storyline, the greatest pleasure is derived from following it closely. Though Mercenaries is technologically superior to MechWarrior 2, I found fighting for clan honor more enjoyable and more satisfying than hiring myself out for C-bills. Please don't get me wrong. Mercenaries is a highly playable and enjoyable game. But in spite of its many enhancements, it just doesn't hold the same level of satisfaction for me as MechWarrior 2. It's just a darker, more ruthless, money-driven experience. I think there is still much to be said for honor."

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