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ZOOM MechCommander Gold
Sold Out (Win95/98/Me/XP) (Reissue in DVD Case) (MECHCOMGPR)



ESRB Rating: Teen (13+) - Animated violence and strong language

The Premier MechWarrior Game of Tactical Command

You will know what it is to command. You will have a plan. You will be right. You will be wrong. You will attempt the impossible. You will hesitate. You will panic. You will respect your enemy. You will pay the price. You will be defeated. You will face your fear. You will ask for a second chance. You will act on instinct. You will be exalted.

Operation Bulldog is a success. Clan Smoke Jaguar has been utterly defeated and the worlds they captured have been liberated. Remnants of their forces are fleeing the Inner Sphere and returning to Clan space.

Now the bad news: I am rescinding your orders to return home. Intel reports that a renegade Smoke Jaguar, Star Colonel Marcus Kotare, has taken planet Cermak in the Periphery. Cermak was originally an old Star League outpost, but after centuries of war, nothing is left. It's no more than a junk heap now - devoid of human population.

Your orders are to retake the planet and terminate Colonel Kotare's command. He picked that Star League outpost for a reason. I want to know what it is. - Colonel Reese.

The complete MechCommander experience in one package:

  • 12 brand-new missions on the battle-torn planet Cermak
  • 6 new Mech chassis
  • 10 new weapons
  • New commands, like ammo-conservation provide even more control on the battlefield
  • New waypoint system lets you position MechWarriors with even greater precision
  • Contains all 30 original MechCommander missions
  • New easy-to-use mission builder
  • 10 new multiplayer missions
  • 3 bonus stand-alone missions
  • New difficulty settings let you choose the level of intensity to both original MechCommander and new, never-before-released missions

Before each mission, you'll be briefed with the latest intelligence and maps of the mission area. Choose your units and deploy them as you see fit.

Take command or up to 12 MechWarriors at a time. Their individual personalities and combat skills carry over from mission to mission. Order the destruction of virtually any enemy 'Mech or installation. Soften up your enemy's position with an artillery strike.

Purchase new 'Mechs, vehicles, weapons and pilots with resource points awarded from winning missions. Just drag and drop to trade in equipment you no longer need. Choose from 24 different 'Mechs, including six new chassis.

Issue real-time tactical orders as you designate the target and attack range. Issue movement orders via waypoints or directly. Command an individual, a Lance or your entire company of MechWarriors. Repair and customize your 'Mechs to your own specifications. Then assign your pilots their 'Mechs for each mission. Use any salvage from the last battle to upgrade your units and inventory for future use.

Mission Mission builder. Build your own missions and share them online with your friends and other MechCommander players. Play the original MechCommander missions or try 12 new missions on the planet Cermak.


Windows 95/98/Me/XP, 133MHz Pentium compatible (P166 recommended), 32MB RAM (64MB recommended) , 4x CD-ROM drive (8x recommended), Super VGA graphics (2MB VRAM), 210MB hard drive space (620MB recommended), sound card compatible with DirectX.

Tested OK on Windows XP.

Multiplayer Option: Null modem serial cable, Windows compatible 28.8 kps modem or faster, local area network with IPX or TCP/IP, Internet play requires a true TCP/IP connection.

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