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ZOOM Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing
Version 12
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from Computing with Kids

Better, Faster Typing

Whether you're typing an email, chatting with friends online, or creating a document at work, you can start working faster and more efficiently with Mavis Beacon, the best-selling brand of typing software on the market! With its powerful Adaptive Response Technology, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing® 12 Deluxe evaluates your skill level and customizes typing lessons accordingly, allowing you to get personalized instruction that becomes more challenging as your skills improve!

The Deluxe version includes ergonomic videos and checklists to help ensure safer posture, as well as a customized lesson designer to allow you to import, export, or modify lesson content. Get started with Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 12 Deluxe today and make the most of your time!


Bilingual Spanish/English instruction.

Ergonomic videos and checklists to help ensure safer keyboarding and posture!

NEW! Updated look for Mavis Beacon and her classroom environment.

NEW! Expanded Personal Coach featuring business letter and personal productivity templates.

NEW! On-screen manual featuring the One Hand Typing Method for users with the use of only one hand.

In today's fast-paced technology age, solid keyboarding skills are a necessity. Fast, accurate typing helps save you time - so you can focus on other priorities. Whether you're an experienced typist or just a beginner, the Mavis Beacon teaching method is proven to improve your typing skills, quickly and easily. Think about it: Just 15 minutes a day.

Mavis' patented Adaptive Response Technology evaluates your progress and customizes each typing lesson to address your specific areas for improvement.

An arcade of 8 skill-building games enhances rhythm, speed, accuracy, and 10 key skills.

Easy to read progress charts rate your key proficiencies and track your improvement over time.

Deluxe Version

Media Center. The activities in the Media Center give you the opportunity to learn more about ergonomics, access additional typing lessons for practice, and use the Internet to access the Mavis Beacon Web site.


Windows 95/98/2000/Me/XP, Pentium 166, 32MB RAM, 4x CD-ROM drive, 200MB free hard disk space, SVGA video card with 640x480 resolution or better, 2MB of Video RAM, Windows compatible 16 bit sound card.

Optional: A color printer with 300 dpi or better.

Internet Access: 28.8 Kbps modem for Internet access, 24 MB of hard disk space for AOL Service Software installation.


Computing With Kids by Jinny Gudmundsen

"By the time children enter 6th grade, many are masters of email and instant messaging. They have a fair number of reports and papers that require typing. These factors are great motivation to master the skill of keyboarding.

"With Mavis, children enter a virtual classroom to receive their typing instruction. This environment is serious, but Mavis is not all work and no play. She customizes typing plans for users based on a skills test and their age; and for children, she includes arcade games as part of her suggested regimen. This program offers more customization than any other typing program by not only personalizing the instruction, but by also adjusting the material to be typed to the user’s age level. Mavis constantly offers suggestions and assesses the user’s proficiency and progress. New to this version is the ability to have the instruction in English or Spanish."

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