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ZOOM Master of Orion II:
Battle at Antares
Sold Out (Mac) (Retail) (MASTERO2MR)

PC Users - see new version Master of Orion 3




A- from PC Games - Game of the Month

3 (out of 4) stars from HomePC

Master the Unknown Before It Masters You

Forge an empire in a universe where population growth is outstripping planetary resources. Colonize unknown planets and trade with other races for their knowledge. The need for galactic expansion is critical. You must conquer alien star systems to secure the resources that will guarantee your supremacy. The ultimate goal is to defeat the evil Antarans. They lurk in the coldest reaches of space, warmed by one all-consuming passion...REVENGE!

Multiple Game Settings let you select such factors as your adversaries' intelligence, the size and age of the galaxy, and the level of civilization.

Multiplayer Options for up to eight players. Play via modem, network, hot seat, or over TEN.

Spectacular Super VGA graphics and cinematics.

13 Predesigned Alien Races, each with its own special abilities, or use the Custom Race Option to create your own.

Explore and Colonize uncharted planets. Form a colony or take over one of your enemies.

Manage Resources - run your colonies the way you see fit: assign careers, maintain population morale and construct buildings.

Combat Choice: strategic or tactical.

Research over 200 technologies, or trade with other races for theirs.

Random Events and Disasters can threaten or benefit different stars and whole empires.

Full printed manual.


IBM PC100MHz 80486DX/4 compatible or faster (P90 recommended), DOS 5.0 or later (also runs under Windows 95/98/Me/XP), 8MB RAM or 16MB if running under Windows 95, double speed CD-ROM drive (300 kb/sec sustained transfer rate), Super VGA graphics (VESA required) for 640x480x256 colors, hard drive (75MB free), Microsoft compatible mouse, Sound Blaster or 100% compatible.

Required for Multiplayer Option: 100% Hayes compatible 9600 modem or faster (2 player), Null-modem serial cable (2 player), IPX network (2 to 8 players).

Macintosh Any 68040 or higher with at least 8 MB RAM, color monitor and CD-ROM drive. Also accelerated for Power Macintosh.


PC Games, March 1997

"That's the best part about Master of Orion II, the sequel to MicroProse's classic turn-based strategy game: It's so gloriously, achingly difficult - and so plain fun, even when you're getting your clock cleaned - that you can't help but come back.

"It's a splendid conflagration of exploration, resource management, diplomacy, research, and war. You start out with a single hospitable planet and technology that amounts to little more than survival skills, and try to become (in the language of The Bonfire of the Vanities) a Master of the Universe."

HomePC, March 1997

"This absorbing space simulation lets you create your own populations and ships, and gives players a chance to interact with each other (the game supports up to eight players on a network or two players across a serial or modem connection) and with the computer-controlled Antarans, who will be defeated only by your brains, patience and strategy."

"In short, Master of Orion II is a fascinating space opera that promises to provide action fans with weeks of out-of-this-world fun."

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