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ZOOM The Magic Death
Virtual Murder 2
Sold Out (Windows 3.1 Only!) (CD in paper sleeve) (MAGICDPO)

Creative Multimedia Corporation


Suitable for all audiences

A Multimedia Murder Mystery

Can you solve this case?

You are under tremendous strain, but you have all of the resources of the police department at your disposal. There's Lucie Fairwell, your assistant, who has filed the crime report, interviewed the suspects, and verified their alibis. You have complete access to the crime scene, with the ability to view any piece of evidence in close-up detail. You also have the forensics lab on call, and have access to the victim's desk, including her phone log, her calendar and her investment records. Lucie has also found you an expert on the voodoo religion and a lexicon of voodoo symbols. You'll need it all, because the press is demanding to see you, and will not give up until you hold your press conference.

Will you solve the case in time?Will you have the answers the press is demanding? Will you find the killer? Only time will tell. And if you do... there are still two other avenues you can explore, just to keep the game interesting.

Shannon Gilligan is a highly acclaimed author and producer of award-winning interactive multimedia. More than two million copies of her books are in print including 'The Case of The Silk King' which was made into an ABC special. Her production team is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Sheryl Lee (your assistant, Lucie Fairwell) is perhaps best known as a murder victim. She played Laura Palmer on the breakthrough 'Twin Peaks' television series and in David Lynch's full-length feature 'Fire Walk With Me- The Last 7 Days of Laura Palmer.' Other feature film roles include 'Wild at Heart', 'Backbeat', 'Jersey Girls' and 'Don't Do It'.

Requirements for Windows: 386SX or above, 4 MB RAM, hard drive with min. 500k free space, Super VGA with 512k+ video memory capable of 640 x 480 x 256 colors with Windows drivers supported, sound card with Windows drivers, Microsoft Windows 3.1, CD-ROM drive with 150k/sec transfer rate, 380ms or less access rate.

This Windows 3.1 program will run in Windows 95/98 at 640x480 with 256 colors if you start your existing Quicktime Movie Player before starting the program. Note: DO NOT allow the program to install Quicktime 1.0.


CD-ROM World, April 1994

"This multimedia CD-ROM combines more than 100 minutes of full-motion color video, sound, and animation to present a murder case that players attempt to solve in the shortest time possible. What's more, the game offers several different possible outcomes, each with a different killer."

"This time, computer-game detectives encounter the murder of a young woman in her apartment. Smeared chicken blood, a dead chicken, strange symbols, and other trappings of voodoo clutter the crime scene. You've got six hours to solve the case."

"The Magic Death does well at illustrating the tools and complexities of murder investigation. It uses sound and video to help you play. But you'll need your own smarts and sleuthing instincts. If you are particularly good solving murder mysteries, there are two other versions of the game waiting for a solution."

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