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ZOOM Magic Carpet
(DOS) (Jewel Case w/ Manual) (MAGICCARPO)

Bullfrog/Electronic Arts



5 stars from Computer Gaming World

5 stars from Multimedia World

5 stars from Electronic Entertainment

4 ½ stars from CD-ROM Today

Restoring Equilibrium

Your quest is to restore equilibium to fifty shattered worlds. You do this by possessing mana, whether it be found floating free, contained within some dreadful demonic beast, or in the possession of an evil rival sorcerer.

This quest is fraught with danger. The skies are alive with evil. Birds and beaste under the spell of the black arts assail you from all sides. Your castle is a target for all those who would take your mana for their own nefarious ends.

Be wary, fly well and cast evil forever from the world.


IBM PC or 100% compatible, MS-DOS 5.0 or higher, 4Mb RAM (8Mb recommended), 486 or higher (optimised for Pentium), VGA, 2Mb hard drive space, double speed CD-ROM drive recommended, mouse & 100% Microsoft compatible driver. Supported: Soundblaster and 100% compatibles, AWE32, Waveblaster, AdLib, Pro Audio Spectrum, Roland MT32, General MIDI, Joystick, Forte VFX-1 HMD, 3D stereo goggles. 2-8 player network game requires Netbios and 8MB+ RAM.


Computer Gaming World, February 1995

"The wind roars in my ears as my flying carpet skims just inches above the rolling ocean waves. Before me rises the castle of my enemy. Readying the appropriate spells, I accelerate and sweep over the castle wall so rapidly that I am momentarily disoriented and might loos my footing on the carpet were that possible. Then I am over the parapets and among a mass of startled, black-clad archers. They recover quickly and drop to their knees, taking aim. Arrows whiz by, inches away, but none strike home. In return, I unleash a rain of fire, killing many of the archers where they stand, and burning ugly scars onto the pristine white walls of my enemy's castle. In seconds I am over the far wall again and accelerating out over the ocean in a sweeping curve to approach the caslte from another direction...."

"...Forgive me if I seem to have lost my grip on reality, but I've been playing Bullfrog's new first-person action/strategy game, Magic Carpet. I've been spending all my time lately flying around on my magic carpet, blasting baddies with fire and lightning. I haven't had a computer game suck me in like this since Doom. Magic Carpet is simply marvelous."

"Magic Carpet provides a wonderful blend of first-person shooter and strategy game. You'll need both eye-hand coordination and resource management skills. You must know your spells and keep them programmed for easy access at a second's notice. You must learn to keep your eye on your castle, your balloons, your manna, and the other wizards, while simultaneously dueling with dragons. Captured by its spell, Magic Carpet will keep you busier than a Sorcerer's Apprentice."

Multimedia World, April 1995

"...In almost every regard, from its gaming world to its strategic possibilities, from its detailed graphics to its 3-D modes, Magic Carpet improves upon Doom to such a degree that once you've played it, you'll probably never go back to Doom"

"Magic Carpet is a top-notch title that pushes the envelope in many ways. Its blend of state-of-the-art graphics, intense action, and deep strategy will appeal to gamers of all types, and to anyone else looking to take a wild ride with their multimedia PC."

Electronic Entertainment, April 1995

"When the Gods created the World, they loaded it with magical power. But a host of rival wizards foolishly abused that power, until one terribly misdirected spell finally sundered the world into 50 pieces. Only when you (the guilty wizard's apprentice) have freed each global fragment from the evil that menaces it will the World once again be whole - and you'll be allowed to leave the computer for a bathroom break."

CD-ROM Today, May 1995

"In Magic Carpet gamers are dropped into a world that's fun to just explore. Spells are all visually represented, often creating new areas or objects for the players to fly through, such as huge crevices created by an earthquake or giant erupting mountains of lava that spring up after a volcano has been cast. No matter what resolution you run the game in, it will seem singularly impressive until you look at one of the higher detail modes. Once you're through looking around, it's time to get to the meat of the game - magic."

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