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The Magic School Bus Vol 2
The Age of Dinosaurs, Inside the Earth, The Solar System
$29.95 (Win95/98/Me/XP) (Retail) (MAGBUS2PR)



Ages: 5 to 10

3 Fun-Filled, Fact Packed Science Adventures in one great bonus pack.

Explores In The Age Of Dinosaurs

Picture this! Ms. Frizzle's prized album is missing some super special dinosaur snapshots. Travel back in time with her class to search for live dinos and help replace the photos. Say "Cheese!"

You're in the driver's seat! Click the geologic time slider on the dashboard to go backward and forward in time! Choose from seven different locations in three prehistoric time periods, then hop out of the bus to explore.

Kids explore 7 different locations in 3 prehistoric time periods:

Explores Inside The Earth

Arnold's feeling down. He's lost some rocks and a mineral from his rock collection. But leave it to Ms. Frizzle and her class to dig deeper - into the Earth - to find them. And you can dig in too!

Kids explore 6 terrains of the Earth:

  • A canyon
  • A giant fault
  • A land volcano
  • An underwater volcano
  • A deep cavern
  • Inside a crystal

Filled with 8 games, 4 experiments and 6 reports, so kids keep playing and learning.

Explores The Solar System

Help find Ms. Frizzle’s™ hiding place by becoming a space traveler! Find clues and more as you go from planet to planet!

  • Science facts come to life with narration, sound, video and animation
  • Filled with 10 games, 9 experiments and 9 reports, so kids keep playing and learning
  • Developed by the experts at Scholastic, who know how kids learn best


Multimedia PC Pentium 133MHz or higher processor, Microsoft Windows 95 or higher, 16 MB of memory (RAM), 26 MB of available hard-disk space, 4X speed CD-ROM drive or faster, SuperVGA, 256-color monitor, Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device, 16-bit sound card, headphones or speakers.

Tested OK on Windows XP.


Quandary Review by Rosemary Young

"The puzzles and games consist of an assortment of activities from arcade type games to puzzles putting together dinosaur bones or sounding out the tricky names. For successful completion of these problems the player receives a Palaeo card, a card with a picture of a particular dinosaur. These cards are placed in the Palaeo Gallery where they can be flipped to obtain basic information about each creature.

"The Magic School Bus Explores in the Age of Dinosaurs is targeted at children aged six to ten and for this age group it provides a broad introduction to the subject matter. With a few exceptions all information is presented either visually or aurally (with subtitles for the hearing-impaired) so it is quite simple and straightforward. It is best described as an educational activity exercise, and I did like the way in which it emphasised the fallibility of science, or how knowledge may evolve and change to the point of being contradictory as scientists learn more and more."

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