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ZOOM Maabus
Sold Out (Win) (Retail) (MAABUSPR)



Suitable for all audiences


3 1/2 stars from CD-ROM Today

With Maabus, Microforum has created the ultimate video game! Revolutionary features make this new game a totally spectacular interactive experience. Over 1400 3D animations - more than in any other game on the market today - allow the user to explore an everchanging backdrop of intriguing scenery. A gripping plot challenges the player at every turn. Hundreds of audio effects and original music, bring each moment of play to life. Mutant creatures, evil aliens and captivating live action video clips are just some of the reasons Maabus is sure to be one of the most exciting games you'll ever play!

A 3 CD-ROM game!

The Ultimate Adventure

The year is 1999. A mysterious new form of radiation is threatening life as we know it on Earth.

... On a small tropical island, 1500 miles southwest of Hawaii in the Pacific, something sinister is going on...

Rumors abound: monstrous mutants, alien fiends, and inexplicable phenomena. Is this the malicious plot of a hostile country? Or does the threat originate from some extra-terrestrial power?

Many research teams have gone in... not a living soul has ever come out!

Now as the last hope, the military has turned to you to crack the mystery and save the world from impending devastation. Your mission is to explore the island with the aid of a highly advanced computerized robot and an arsenal of state-of-the-art weapons. You must investigate unchartered tropical terrain, examine and analyze clues to seek out and destroy the source of this Evil. It will take all of your courage, skills and wits. And remember... EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!

What makes MAABUS the ultimate adventure?

Animation and Graphics. Over 1400 fully rendered 3D animations make every moment of gameplay a visual dream.

Adventure. Explore unchartered tropical terrain, and travel through an everchanging backdrop of intriguing scenery.

Non-Stop Action. Meet spectacular mutant creatures that must be destroyed. Face evil aliens that reach out to make contact. Encounter peril at every turn.

Sound Effects. Sound and music enhance your mood throughout the game. The soundscape actually changes as you progress from adventure to adventure!

Live Video. A collection of captivating live video clips sets your heart racing!

Challenge for the Mind. Push your brainpower to the limit: analyze hundreds of items, seek out elusive clues, examine intriguing alien artifacts, uplink data from satellite communications, and save the world from imminent disaster!

All this, and so much more than you've ever experienced before, on 3 CD-ROMs.

Requirements: Windows 3.1 or later, Double Speed CD-ROM drive, 486/33 or higher, SVGA card and monitor (640 x 480 256 colors), 4 MB RAM, Sound Card (SoundBlaster or compatibles) Mouse, DOS 5.0 or higher. 486/66 or higher with 8 MB RAM and accelerated SVGA Card recommended.

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