Heroes of Might & Magic II
The Succession Wars
Sold Out (DOS/Win 95) (Retail) (M&MHERO2PR)

Included in Heroes of Might & Magic Platinum Edition

New World Computing Inc.


Difficulty Level: Intermediate


5 stars from Computer Gaming World - Critics Choice

9 from boot

The Succession Wars

Lord Ironfist is dead and the Kingdom is plunged into a vicious civil war by his feuding sons. At stake is the ultimate prize: control of the land and succession to the royal throne. Will you support the villainous usurper and lead the armies of evil or be loyal to the righteous prince and deliver the people from tyranny?

More of Everything!: Two new character classes, dozens of detailed scenarios, over 65 heroes, 66 monster types, and tons of new skills, spells, and artifacts.

Multiplayer Action: Compete with up to 6 players via TCP/IP internet, modem, or network.

Game Editor: Create your own lands with the powerful "World Builder" utility.

Enhanced Combat: Expanded "interactive" battlefields with enlarged combat maps.

Alliances: Multiple scenarios with team play.

Dual Campaigns: Play either good or evil through over 20 scenarios.

Requirements: IBM 486/66 or greater and 100% compatibles, 8MB RAM, double speed CD-ROM drive, DOS 5.0 or Windows 95, 50 MB free hard drive space, SVGA graphics card, mouse. Supports: all major sound cards.


Computer Gaming World, February 1997

"Once in a while, you get a strategy game that amazes everyone with its surprising, addictive qualities and amazing ease of use. The original Heroes of Might and Magic was such a game, earning the coveted CGW 5-star rating. When that game hit our offices, several CGW editors suddenly found themselvves knee-deep in warlocks and dragons - strictly for research purposes, you understand. And now, with Heroes of Might and Magic III having cast its own magic spell, I find myself campaigning for endless hours, conquering castles and heroes while articles pile up on my desk."

"I can't stress enough how much better this game is than the original Heroes of Might and Magic. The less cartoonish look means I won't have to cover up the sprites now when my WarCraft II buddies come to ask what I'm playing. Heroes II also now sports two new classes: the Wizard, the most powerful mage character, and Necromancer, the commander of the Undead. Each class has new units and building as well. All six classes also now can upgrade a certain number of their troops, so you can make war trolls out of regular trolls, or veteran pikemen out of pikesmen. This simply adds an even greater array of units to the game, in addition to the unique units that come with the two new classes.

"The tactical and strategic play areas are now twice as large as they were in Heroes I. This is an improvement, especially for tactical combat, where it's no longer so confining and restrictive."

boot, April 1997

"Simply stated, Heroes of Might and Magic II is a great strategy game: easy to learn, ferociously addictive, rich in color and nuance, exquisitely balanced in terms of both subtle strategy and cut-throat combat, and near-infinite in its replay value."

"The hardware requirements are modest, the manual superb, and aside from a few negligible graphic glitches, we found no bug or crash during 50-plus hours of gameplay. And the campaigns (which are extremely challenging) are tied together with vivid narrative transitions that form a compelling story in their own right.

"New World Computing has done everything right in this game. Buy it and fall under its spell."

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