Heroes of Might & Magic II
Expansion Pack:
The Price of Loyalty
Sold Out (DOS/Win 95) (Retail) (M&MHEREXPR)

Included in Heroes of Might & Magic Platinum Edition

New World Computing Inc.


The Quest for True Heroes Rages on...

The Price of Loyalty expands the realms of Heroes of Might and Magic II with four new campaigns and a slew of critical enhancements. Discover new heroes and artifacts as you explore and conquer 24 new campaign maps and numerous stand alone scenarios.

Two new full length campaigns

Bonus! two new 'mini' campaigns

New cinematic scenes bring the battles and their aftermath to stunning life

Dozens of enhancements including new heroes, events, and artifacts

Multiplayer support for up to 6 combatants via network, modem, and Internet

Requires full version of Heroes of Might and Magic II to play.

Requirements: IBM 486/66 or greater and 100% compatibles, 8MB RAM, double speed CD-ROM drive, DOS 5.0 or Windows 95, 5 MB free hard drive space, SVGA graphics card, mouse. Supports: all major sound cards.

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