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ZOOM Might & Magic VI:
The Mandate of Heaven
$9.95 (Win95/WinNT) (Jewel Case) (M&M6PJ)

Publisher: New World Computing / 3DO

Game / Role-Playing

ESRB Rating: Teen (13+) - Animated Violence


90% from PC Gamer

Experience the Rebirth of a Legend

From the depths of the deepest dungeons to the intrigues of the Royal Court you will lead a band of adventurers on a dangerous journey of amazing depth and intelligence. With a completely new 3D graphics engine and a sophisticated nonlinear adventure system Might and Magic VI - The Mandate of Heaven brings to life the most fantastic, engrossing and intense role playing experience ever created.

Master your destiny in a nonlinear fantasy universe where your choices and actions determine the game's outcome

Explore the intricacies of hundreds of sub-plots, spin-offs and mini-quests

Customize the gameplay on the fly for either real-time or turn-based combat mode

Feast your eyes on exceptional 16-bit, 65,000 color graphics in a high-res smooth scrolling world

Explore the Fantasy World of Enroth!

The Ironfist Dynasty is tottering on the brink of ruin. As endless calamities plague the kingdom of Enroth, evil doomsday cultists plot to overthrow child Prince Nicolai and claim the throne for their charismatic leader. Fear grips the land and the people wonder if their sovereign has lost The Mandate of Heaven - the divine right to rule. The enemies of reason are at the gate and only extraordinary heroes can stem the tide of darkness. Will you answer the call?

Feel the Power - Experience the Magic!

Slay foul dragons
Rescue fair maidens
Unearth lost and fabled treasures
Weave mighty enchantments
Haggle with crafty merchants


Windows 95: Pentium 90 (Pentium 166 recommended), 16MB RAM (32 MB RAM recommended), PCI, 1MB VRAM video card that supports DirectX, 4x CD-ROM drive, 200 MB hard disk space, sound card.


PC Gamer, August 1998

"I confess quite freely that I have not yet finished this game, despite spending more time on it than I have on any game in several years. After 70 hours without any tips or hints, I'm beginning to glimpse where it will all wind up, but there are still a few weeks of gaming ahead. The reason is that there's simply so much to do - and you'll want to enjoy it all. If you enlist in every quest and subquest in this game, you are easily looking at 100 to 150 hours of gaming. Characters are spiraling upwards to level 60, and spell books are full of those delightful room-cleaning spells.

"However, as enjoyable and refreshing as it is, it was not love at first sight. After being spoiled by a year of 3Dfx-accelerated action games, I thought the choppy, sometimes blocky graphics and rendered figures of this software-only game looked odd at times. It didn't help that the first monsters I encountered - goblins - were also rather silly looking. However, beyond the initial shock, M&M VI feels and works just right..."

"Despite these problems, Might and Magic VI does what few FRPGs have done in recent years: create an involved, complex, believable, and always entertaining world. You'll soon know the lay of the land like an old pro, and be running off on new quests looking for treasure, experience, and an end to the horrors plaguing the land. The best thing that can be said of any game can be said of Might and Magic VI: once you start playing, you won't be able to stop."

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